Nightdive are resurrecting the 3DO shooter Killing Time

Following on from PO’ed, retro specialists Nightdive are reviving another 3DO first-person shooter, this time in conjunction with IP holders Ziggurat.

Killing Time: Resurrected takes the 1995 original and brushes it up with upscaled 4K textures and toggleable high-resolution character artwork/sprites. The controls are also being overhauled, and zero loading times are promised between areas.

3DO shooter Killing Time 

Like PO’ed, Killing Time had a humorous streak. Set in the 1930s, you play as an Egyptology student trying to reverse a botched ritual for eternal life. You’re tasked with destroying an Egyptian Water-Clock and battling supernatural horrors. Weapons include shotguns, pistols, crowbars, flamethrowers, and an enemy obliterating Ankh.

Several ghost stories and puzzles also feature, which provoked ‘90s critics to describe it as 7th Guest meets DOOM.

The original Killing Time was one of the better 3DO exclusives, gaining mostly positive reviews. Acclaim signed on for a PS1 and Saturn release, but a conversion never materialised.

Killing Time: Resurrected is set to haunt all formats later this year.