2017’s Yooka-Laylee is being remastered and enhanced

Playtonic have been busy (bees) reworking their 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee. Which stars a bee as its villain.

This new version, known as Yooka-Replaylee, boasts improved visuals and animation, more challenges, a new world map and tracker, additional tonics provided by the sentient vending machine Vendi, revised controls and camera movement, plus an arranged orchestral score by Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie) and David Wise (Donkey Kong Country.)

Capital B’s minions will also now drop currency, which can be spent on tonics and cosmetic items.


Playtonic sees Yooka-Replaylee as a sign of growth within the company, taking on board feedback and working in knowledge gained from other projects.  

We quite enjoyed the vanilla Yooka-Laylee, although in hindsight it was unfairly difficulty in places. Expect this remaster to fix a lot of its shortcomings.

There’s no word on target formats or even a rough release date just yet.