Saborus is a horror adventure starring a chicken in a slaughterhouse

Every so often a new game is announced and it’s a wonder why nobody has thought of the concept before. Saborus is a perfect example of this. It’s a horror adventure in which you play as an everyday, vulnerable, chicken trying to escape from a slaughterhouse.

Saborus – named after a fictitious food production company – is the work of one person, Jean Lima, who came up with the idea after their pet chicken died, and they then began to contemplate the horrors animals must see inside food production facilities.


As such, Saborus is intended to have an oppressive atmosphere, set in an environment where everything is designed specifically to kill. Screenshots show rooms full of animal carcasses and meat on production lines, along with packing and transport facilities.

You’re armed with just your beak, used to carry single items around at a time. This will facilitate puzzle solving, such as using computers and pulling fuses, while chase sequences involve avoiding factory workers dressed in full-body protective gear.

Much like fast food, we won’t have to wait long. A demo has launched for PC, available for two days only, and it’s currently in the quality assurance stage while being converted to consoles. Specifically, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch. QUByte Interactive will be publishing.