Go ghost hunting in Mousebusters, coming to Switch and PC this year

Japanese indie studio Odencat (Meg’s Monster, Bear’s Restaurant) has revealed Mousebusters, a ghost hunting adventure set in a cursed apartment block, featuring pixel art visuals.

You play as the block’s newest tenant, who happens to wake the day after moving in to find they’ve been transformed into a mouse. A fellow rodent, known as Chief, claims there’s a way to be turned back into a human – but it involves busting ghosts and lifting the curse.


This quest involves seeing things from a mouse’s perspective, entering the rooms of the apartment and working out how to draw the ghosts out before zapping them. Environmental puzzle solving plays a part, with the ghosts seemingly feeding off negative emotions. A virtual simulator will be on hand to fine-tuning shooting, with extra loot to unlock.

Mousebusters is coming to Switch and PC later this year, with the Switch version featuring additional shooting game modes.