Aaero2 launches in September, hitting Xbox Series first

After a lengthy gestation period, beginning development in 2019, the rail-riding lightshow shooter Aaero2 has finally been given the green light for a September release. It’s set to debut on Xbox Series first, with PC to follow. It’ll hit other platforms sometime after launch.

The original Aaero played similarly to early PS2 music-based gems Frequency and Amplitude, although it shares similarities with the likes of Star Fox 64 and Rez too, being an on-rails shooter with musical elements. You’re tasked with following rails to commence a music track, of the trance/dubstep variety, while shooting down enemies before tackling a boss.

This sequel was built from the ground up, hence its long development, and features local and online co-op and PvP modes. Music is licensed from Monstercat, and as before, synchronizes with the actions on-screen rather than merely playing in the background.

The Steam page is live with additional images and GIFs. If you’re curious about the first Aaero, which we highly recommend, the Xbox version has a trial.