Evercade Alpha is a new bar-top arcade system featuring Capcom classics

Blaze are about to tread on the toes of 1UP Arcade and Numskull with their new line of bar-top arcade systems, known as Evercade Alpha.

Two models have been revealed, each containing six Capcom titles. One cabinet is embroidered with Mega Man – The Power Battle, and the other Street Fighter II.

The SF model will include Champion Edition, Super SFII Turbo, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and the Street Fighter Alpha trilogy. The Mega Man model, meanwhile, includes The Power Battle, The Power Fighters, Carrier Air Wing, Final Fight, Knights of the Round, and Strider.

Evercade Alpha will be compatible with Evercade carts, allowing games to be changed. The light-up marquee can also be changed, with additional designs sold separately. Two marquees are included out of the box.

Evercade Alpha is a new bar-top arcade system featuring Capcom classics

While the units only feature one joystick – billed as “competition grade” quality – a second controller can be plugged in for two-player. Not just Evercade VS controllers, but also third-party pads and arcade sticks.

Units feature an 8” high-resolution IPS 4:3 screen, stereo speakers, a headphone jack, and built-in WiFi for updates. They’ll stand at 410mm tall.

Blaze are offering an introductory £199.99/$229.99/€229.99 price for pre-orders. The normal price will be £229.99/$249.99/€249.99 after the pre-order period.

Funstock has additionally bagged Deluxe Editions with Sanwa arcade sticks, an exclusive Evercade Alpha branded USB controller, all the available marquees, and an exclusive poster. They’ll set you back £249.99/€289.99 each.

Pre-orders go live on June 4th.