Endless Ocean Luminous, MotoGP 24, Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya, TriggerHeart EXELICA, and Shockman 3 hit the Switch

Before Endless Ocean, there was Everblue – a PS2 deep sea diving adventure from Capcom and Akira. Clearly taking a fancy to its non-violent and open-ended nature, Nintendo took the concept under its wing to create the Endless Ocean series. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has nurtured something they saw potential in, with the Chibi Robo series beginning the same way.

Latest entry Endless Ocean Luminous hasn’t arrived to the most ‘glowing’ of receptions though. In fact, reviews are considerably lukewarm. While a few outlets – such as God is a Geek – felt it deserved an 8/10 due to its relaxing nature, the vast majority opted for 5s and 6s. “The game trivialises the diving unnecessarily and the randomly-generated maps drain it of character,” said The Metro.

We hope this doesn’t mean the franchise will be put on hiatus. Nintendo needs to revisit lesser-known IPs more often.

Another full price game hitting the Switch this week MotoGP 24. We haven’t played a MotoGP game in a long time, but it’s our understanding that the franchise is based around accessibility these days, featuring adaptable difficulties. This year’s edition also features a sticker editor and a rider’s market where teams can be transferred.

Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya seems to be reasonably anticipated too – the trailer on our fledgling YouTube channel reached a thousand views almost overnight. It’s a Japanese inn keeping sim, with cooking elements and a story. A bunch of DLC is included too – it originally began life as a fan game some time ago. Could be a sleeper hit, this.

Space Mercenary Defense Force is one we’ve reviewed ourselves this week. This inexpensive (£4.49) Vampire Survivors style auto-shooter showcases a deep understanding of the genre, while having decent replay value. It isn’t much to look at, but it’s certainly quite addictive. And it’s a bit silly, which is always a good quality.

Retro fans also have esteemed 2006 shooter TriggerHeart EXELICA, a localised re-release of the PC Engine’s 1992 action platformer Cyber Citizen Shockman 3, faux Game Boy puzzle platformer The Fall of Elena Temple, and a remake of the Japanese RPG Adventure Field to consider. Trying to trace the roots of Adventure Field was a fruitiness task, with most results pointing to this remake itself.

Then there’s Sclash – a hand drawn 2D oriental brawler – the army boot camp management sim Full Metal Sergeant, folk horror 2D point ‘n clicker Tales from Candleforth, party game package Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition, and the intriguing cartoony physics-based mountaineering adventure Surmount. From oceans deep to mountains tall…

New Switch eShop releases

MotoGP 24 - £44.99

MotoGP 24 – £44.99

Challenge your abilities in MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ categories, and immerse yourself in the exhilarating journey of the 2024 campaign. Experience the thrill of official rosters and tracks exclusive to MotoGP™24!

Endless Ocean Luminous – £39.99

Dive in and survey a mysterious underwater world in Endless Ocean Luminous for Nintendo Switch. Discover aquatic life, buried treasure and more as you explore the ocean at your own pace, solo or in online expeditions of up to 30 players.

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition – £13.49

Prepare for an intergalactic showdown like never before in Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition, the ultimate multiplayer party game that pits friends and family against one another in a fast-paced cosmic brawl. Dash to victory in a multitude of fully customizable battle modes. Customize matches and unleash chaos with a fully loaded arsenal of lethal weaponry, including an impressive selection of firearms, rockets, lasers, and melee blades. Team up and throw down in a variety of high-energy sports minigames including Blob Soccer, Dodgeball, and Football!

Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya – £22.90

“Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya” is a fan game of the “Touhou Project,” where Mystia Lorelei, a resident of Gensokyo, struggles to revive her own izakaya.

During the day, players procure ingredients and interact with residents of Gensokyo, while at night, they operate the izakaya. The basic flow of the game involves welcoming various customers every night with delicious dishes and aiming to create an izakaya beloved by the residents of Gensokyo!

Surmount – £13.49

Surmount is a free-flowing, physics-based platforming adventure where you’ll experience the joys of mountain climbing. Make your perilous ascent through the various handcrafted and procedurally generated challenges of Mount Om, all the while following a silly story with eccentric folks along the way. Master your own unique style of climbing either alone or with a friend, upgrade and customize your climber to stand a better chance, and maybe just maybe, you’ll be the first ever to reach the top!

Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The princess from another world – £5.99

Originally released in 1992, Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The princess from another world brings another blast from the past!

After Sonya wins a big prize in the lottery, she and Arnold travel to a tropical southern island to enjoy some well-deserved holidays.

However, paradise soon turns into hell when a strange spaceship appears all of a sudden and starts attacking the city.

Unable to just sit around and do nothing while chaos unfolds, Arnold and Sonya transform into Shockman and head to battle this new mysterious enemy!

TriggerHeart EXELICA – £26.09

“Trigger Heart Exelica”, a shooting game with a famous family of mecha families released in the arcades in 2006, has finally been reissued on Nintendo Switch™!

In addition to Arcade Mode and Story Mode, Arrange Mode and Training Mode have been added. In addition to Arcade Mode and Story Mode, Arrange Mode and Training Mode have been added, as well as Vertical Screen Mode and Internet Ranking Mode. A sound mode with additional arrangement sources will also be included. This is the culmination of all the hard work that shooting game fans have put into this title.

SOWON : The Toy Wonderland – £8.09

“Where did all the toys go?”

In time with a little girl’s parents disappearing, a mysterious invitation is left in their place by an entity that seems somewhat familiar. The girl opens the attic door that was always left locked and bravely ventures out in search of her parents… There she finds a strange and beautiful world of toys!

SOWON : The Toy Wonderland is an adventure game about Sowon, a girl who accidentally finds herself in a world of toys. Players must search each corner of the map for hints, venturing into this world full of enigmatic riddles.

Will Sowon ever be able to unravel the mysteries of the invitation and return to her world?

Slot & Learn KANJI – £2.24

This game offers a delightful way to learn Japanese KANJI through fill-in-the-blank puzzles.

The game features a vast collection of aesthetically pleasing, popular, and practically useful KANJI characters.

Learn the charms of KANJI that will deepen your appreciation for Japanese culture through an engaging gaming experience!

Should you find it challenging, hints are available to guide you to the correct answer.

All Noobs must die – Craft, Survival, Mine – £12.99

The Sly Hacker invites you to a deadly tournament “All Noobs Must Die”!

Will you be able to protect the obsidian portal from zombies and survive at any cost?

If so, you will receive a reward for the challenge — the fulfillment of your wish!

Build traps, use secret levers, have fun and wield cold and firearms in the battle against the massive army of zombie monsters!

Outbreak The Fedora Files What Lydia Knows – £17.99

Super and extra-natural phenomena around the world are officially disavowed. In the United States, these phenomena are unofficially investigated by an elite squad of agents known as the Federal Disaster Organic Response Agency, FEDORA. These are their stories…

Pirates Golden Quest – £4.49

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in “Pirates Golden Quest,” a thrilling 2D platformer that puts you in the boots of a daring pirate on a mission to save the world from sinister foes!

Set sail across treacherous seas and explore vibrant, handcrafted levels filled with danger and excitement. As you navigate through each challenging environment, you’ll encounter a variety of enemies standing in your way. From cunning pirates to fearsome sea monsters, every encounter will test your skills and courage.

Baking Time – £4.49

Stack all kinds of mouth-watering baked goods, from croissants to cookie hearts and everything in between!

Grab your spatula, lift the baked goods out of the oven, and put them on display so that customers can buy them! With a steady stream of hungry customers waiting in line, it’s up to you to deliver their orders quickly and efficiently!

DungeonSmash – Medieval Dungeons – £5.99

This captivating game combines classic block-breaking with thrilling dungeon adventures. Bash your way through 40+ handcrafted levels or unleash your creativity with the intuitive level editor. Test your skills on player-created maps and climb the leaderboards in exciting tournaments!

Corgi’s Travel – £8.99

A scientist is conducting experiments with a machine that can shrink objects. To ensure safety, he decides to do the experiments a bit away from his house, but he makes the mistake of bringing his dog along.

Without the scientist noticing, the dog accidentally presses the machine’s button, getting shrunk and gaining superpowers. Thus begins the dog’s journey back home, trying to find a way to reverse the effect and return to normal size, while facing various challenges, including giant insects.

Adventure Field Remake – £4.49

Delve into the tale of a once-glorious kingdom ensnared by darkness, a story that begins with a young boy haunted by prophetic dreams. As evil corrupts the heart of the Sarook King, leading him to command his monsters against his own people, the stage is set for an epic saga.

“Adventure Field™ Remake” is a turn-based JRPG that reimagines the original classic with breathtaking 3D graphics. Navigate through treacherous dungeons, battle formidable enemies, and uncover the secrets of the kingdom. Embark on a quest to locate the 100 hidden mandragoras scattered across Sarook, unlocking one of 15 exclusive in-game achievements.

Stupid Cars – £5.39

These drivers are, you guessed it… stuipid! They need your help. Select their vehicles to change speed and guide them as they merge in to the flow of traffic. But be careful, these cars can’t stop… if there’s a collision, it’s all over.

There’s No Dinosaurs – £6.29

Feel like joining us in a theme park? Or maybe a museum? An office? There’s No Dinosaurs offers a variety of different locations to look over and we’ll be happy if you join us in our search – even if we don’t expect it to be very effective, considering the dinosaurs do not exist!

There’s No Dinosaurs is a hidden object game with a selection of 9 locations and random dinosaurs to find for each of them.

Space Routine – £4.49

The player controls the members of a space family going through their daily routines like jetpacking to work, attending school, engaging in leisure activities, buying groceries, repairing or changing the car, and spending some quality family time.

The game offers an original take on the life simulation genre, incorporating goofy physics mechanics into the gameplay and featuring a funny retro style with plenty of pop culture references that will resonate strongly with the player’s inner child.

Tales from Candleforth – £9.99

Tales from Candleforth is a collection of fairy tales that were written on top of a forbidden book many years ago to hide its content. Years later, the dark text is bleeding out and onto the pages of the tales, mixing with them and twisting the stories.

In this first tale, we’ll meet Sarah, a 16-year-old girl left alone to run the family apothecary. Sarah’s grandmother went missing a while ago, but one day, she finds clues that she might still be alive. As Sarah discovers new powers that only the women in her family can inherit, she adventures into a world of occultism, mystery, and horror to uncover the secrets her family is hiding and discover the part she plays in all of it.

Before The Green Moon – £8.99

A science-fiction farming simulation game set in a small community at the base of a space elevator during the days and seasons leading up to your departure for the moon.

24 hour day/night cycle with dynamic weather. Adapt to the region’s Rainy and Dry seasons. Rainy days, sunny days, stormy days, dusty days.

Get to know your neighbors. A helpful administrator, a handsome chef, a plant designer.

The Fall of Elena Temple – £2.69

The Fall of Elena Temple is an old-school puzzle platformer in which you explore rooms, avoid perils and collect all coins to progress. The catch is you can undo your falls! So don’t be afraid of heights, fall and collect the coins bellow, then undo back up to where you fell from, keeping the coins!

Test your forward thinking and logical skills. Plan your falls carefully, as your undos are limited. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll find yourself unable to restore back to the top, with coins still needing collecting!

Enjoy the retro aesthetics with monochrome pixel art, playing the game on the state of the art handheld GrimBoy (TM) (wink). Reminisce about the good times with lovely pixel art backgrounds to put you right back into your childhood bedroom, the backyard, the park, grandma’s living and many more.

Full Metal Sergeant – £8.99

Be the drill instructor! Insult recruits with no remorse! Can you transform flabby recruits into lean war machines within 12 weeks?

Space Mercenary Defense Force – £4.49

Defend against an alien invasion and take down the mother ship in joyously hectic roguelike style! Space Mercenary Defense Force is a tactical sci-fi action shooter where your primary objective is survival. Equip your ship’s directional module slots with various weapon technology – explosive, defensive, beam, deployable and more. Over 600 upgrades with branching advancement paths make each run unique depending on your strategic choices.

Withstand the alien onslaught from all directions, moving your ship through space to align targets with the most effective tech modules and maintaining a safe distance from the swarm. Complete optional encounters like mini-bosses and conduit charging to earn rewards, then spend hard-earned credits to unlock new ships, perpetual astral upgrades, perks and celestial modifiers!

Sclash – £8.99

Sclash is a plug’n play 2D samurai fighting game full of tension where one hit is enough to kill. Play as a hand-drawn samurai in beautiful painted settings and fight your opponent in epic solemn duels where each move matters. Manage well your stamina, breath and take your time to land a deadly hit.

Sclash on Switch

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