Thalamus Collection 1 announced for Evercade

Blaze has ended their week of Evercade announcements with the reveal of Thalamus Collection 1, which brings together 11 of the British publisher’s C64 games.

The trailer suggests we’re in for a mixture of space shooters and platformers, with Armalyte: Competition Edition, Hunter’s Moon Remastered, and Retrograde offering shoot’em up thrills while Hawkeye, Creatures, Summer Camp, Heatseeker, Creatures II: Torture Trouble, Nobby the Aardvark, and the arcade-like Winter Camp fall into the platformer genre.

It’ll also include Snare, a top down…thing, featuring a futuristic glider.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered might be the highlight here, only dating back to 2018 – it’s an expanded version of the original, released to consider with its 30th anniversary. Nobby the Aardvark should be worthwhile too, with this being a late (1992) release on the C64 that was clearly intended to ride the mascot platformer bandwagon. The Creatures games were also well regarded, making this one of the better C64 collections we’ve seen recently.

Evercade owners can slot Thalamus Collection 1 into their systems in July.