A new Atari Lynx collection hits the Switch next week

A new Atari Lynx collection is coming to Switch, and there isn’t long to wait – it’s due out April 25th for £11.99 ($11.99/€13.99.)

The Epyx Collection Handheld comes from Pixel Games UK and Imagine Software, who recently released a Monty Mole collection and Chip’s Challenge on the eShop.

As the name suggests, it includes games first released by Epyx – one of the handheld’s most prolific software developers, initially responsible for the Lynx’s conception. The idea was that Atari manufactured the hardware, and Epyx supplied the games.

Six of Epyx’s earlier titles will feature: California Games, ElectroCop, Blue Lightning, Gates of the Zendocon, Todd’s Adventures in Slime World, and Zarlor Mercenary.

The collection will offer more than just ROMs and a pretty menu. After listening to fan feedback, Pixel Games UK has decided to include 3D box art and cart renders, as well as remastered manuals. The interface will support save states, a rewind tool, and a CRT filter.