Antstream Arcade slathers on the Factor 5

From today Antstream Arcade subscribers will find four new titles waiting to be revisited.

This quartet comes from Factor 5 and comprises of the 1988 Amiga horizontal shooter Katakis and its expanded re-release Denaris, the Lucasarts published Ballblazer sequel Masterblazer, and the SNES’ Super Turrican: Score Attack – a rejig of the classic run ‘n gunner, as found on Turrican Anthology Vol. 2.

No Tony & Friends in Kellogg’s Land? Blasphemy!

Available on PC and Xbox, Antstream Arcade is a pretty nifty deal for retro fans, giving access to over 1300 titles spread across consoles, arcades, and various computer systems. Amongst the usual assortment of classics, a bunch of curios can be found – there are plenty of surprises to discover, helping to set the service apart from the competition.