Thirty-six years later, Beyond the Ice Palace finally gains a sequel

Back in 1988, Commodore 64, Amiga and Spectrum owners found Elite’s action platformer Beyond the Ice Palace to be a more than sufficient alternative to Ghosts ‘n Goblins – which was also published by Elite on home computers.

Today, PQube has a sequel. Beyond The Ice Palace 2 is coming to all current formats, and sees a protagonist known as the ‘Cursed King’ whip their way across a crumbling kingdom to reclaim the land. The chain whip isn’t just used to harm demonic foes, but also traverse the environments by attaching to rings.

Beyond The Ice Palace 2

The world will be littered with secrets, trials, and puzzles. The King’s abilities can be augmented by finding crystals that increase health, stamina, and fuel the King’s rage. Boss battles will also feature, taking the form of large creatures that require timing and precision to take down.

Action platformer fans can help the cursed one reclaim their throne later this year. PS5 and Switch owners will have the choice of digital and physical versions, while the Xbox, PS4 and PC iterations will be digital only. Studio Storybird and Pixel Heart are on development duties.