1930’s cartoon shooter MOUSE powers-up with new arsenal

A new teaser for the 1930’s ‘rubber hose’ style cartoon shooter MOUSE has crawled out the woodwork, reminding us all to eat ‘five a day’ – in this case, cans of spinach.

Yes, our gun-toting mouse will be able to ‘power up’ with cans of the green stuff and lay the smackdown to his fellow rodent adversaries. This joins two other new gadgets, including a grappling hook to get around the monochromatic environs more swiftly, and a helicopter pack to fall to earth gracefully.  

MOUSE was announced in 2023 (you may recall clips going viral on Twitter) and is due for release in 2025, with PlaySide Publishing and the Warsaw-based Fumi Games at the helm.

You’re cast into the role of a private detective out to stop mobsters and uncover corrupt politicians. Weapons are said to be on the playful side of things, while the UI is uniquely animated. It should be a fun twist on the FPS genre.