Freedom Planet 2, Saviorless, Retro Mystery Club Vol.2, Life of Slime, and Tengoku Struggle hit the Switch

The end of the month is looking busy for the Switch with several anticipated titles due, such as EA’s ZAU, Square-Enix’s SaGa Emerald Beyond, the sandy Soulslike Another Crab’s Treasure and re-releases of El Shaddai and Braid. Until then, there are a few titbits to tide us over, and there’s also Obsidian’s Grounded (aka Honey, I Shrunk the Xbox Game) to look forward to on the 16th.

In fairness, Freedom Planet 2 is less of a titbit and more of a buffet, being a 2D platformer that’s a feast for the eyes. The original began life as a Sonic fan game. This sequel ditches most of the homages and finds its own identity, offering four playable characters, melee based combat, and a large world map to explore. It’s a surprisingly long experience, with our playtime clocking in at around 10 hours – in addition to having fast-paced stages, it also has some slower challenged-based levels that can take 30 minutes each to finish. The only downside, as mentioned in our review, is that some of the dialogue is rather twee.

Another sequel launching this week is Retro Mystery Club Vol.2: The Beppu Case, a homage of the Famicom Detective Club series. We adored Vol. 1, and this appears to offer more of the same, authentic NES-style visuals and all.

All the way from Cuba comes Saviorless – billed as the first commercially released indie title from that region. It’s a 2D platformer with two playable characters, set in a cursed dark fantasy realm you’re tasked with escaping.

God is Geek felt it was deserving of an 8.5. “It has the look of a kid’s cartoon and the sudden shocking violence of a horror film, but it gels together perfectly. There are no ancillary skill trees to bog it down, no gear menus or upgrades, no XP to earn or boss skills to absorb. It’s a dark, sometimes frightening, often sorrowful tale told with little exposition and sparse dialogue, that took me a little while to get into and then held on tight for the duration,” they said.

One of the few full price games arriving this week – and indeed this month – is Tengoku Struggle – Strayside, an otomate from Akyss and the team behind Olympia Soirée. The story sees sinners – both dead and live – battle it out in the underworld.  

Then there’s eastasiasoft’s vertical shooter Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris – which appears more narrative driven than most – the colour-based top-down puzzler Knowledge Keeper, squishy side-scrolling lifestyle sim Life of Slime, edgy story-driven adventure The Gap, first-person house of horrors survival game Devil’s Calling, and the 2D psychological horror Last Bloody Snack.

Failing that, there’s Sushi Soul Universe, entailing “a man whose love for sushi was so strong that he would die if he did not keep eating it.”

New Switch eShop releases

Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- - £44.99

Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- – £44.99

From the team that created Olympia Soirée comes a comedic battle fantasy set in a place where the living and the dead mingle, and sinners are pitted against each other in eternal battle.

Rin Enma, adopted daughter of the king of the underworld, has been tasked with tracking down and recapturing a group of escaped sinners.

Accompanying her on her journey are four sinners hand-picked by her father. Will Rin succeed in her mission… and will she discover love?

Freedom Planet 2 – £22.99

Return to the vibrant world of Avalice to battle an ancient threat in the long-awaited sequel to the surprise indie action-platformer hit, Freedom Planet. In the years since the events of the original game, our three heroines have refined their signature abilities, making them more formidable than ever before. Take advantage of Lilac’s speed with her Dragon Boost, reach new heights with Carol’s Jump Disc or motorcycle, or take a more measured approach with Milla’s shield. And all-new playable character Neera won’t be left out in the cold, as she can use her powerful Frost Arts to punish foes. Like its predecessor, this high-speed platforming adventure delivers exhilarating momentum-based action, but advances the formula with new gameplay systems and enhancements.

Saviorless – £11.50

Saviorless is a stylish dark fantasy action-platform game with beautiful hand-drawn art and animation, featuring two distinctive main characters on their quest to escape from a cursed land known as the Smiling Islands.

Retro Mystery Club Vol.2: The Beppu Case – £8.89

This time, the stage is set in Beppu, Oita Prefecture.

There, hearts that pass each other by can’t help but grow twisted… Uncover the truth behind a mysterious death with your junior detective, Ken!

Encounter a cast of intriguing characters in this suspense-filled drama and discover the truth behind the case. Meet Soichiro Anan, the head of a famous family of bamboo craftspeople in Beppu, and his wife, Midori, along with their ever-loyal housekeeper, Mitsu, and the seductive Tokiko…

The manga artist Kiyokazu Arai continues his work on the series and designed all the characters.

Deadland Chronicles – £7.99

Get ready for a thrilling ride in Deadland Chronicles, a fast-paced 2D cartoon-style game that pits you against hordes of relentless zombies threatening to derail the train! As a fearless hero, your mission is clear: fight back the undead menace and clear the tracks to keep the train rolling.

Spy Guy Hidden Objects Deluxe Edition – £8.99

Dive into the detective adventure of Spy Guy Hidden Objects Deluxe and beat up to 120 animated, secret-filled levels. Follow the clues as you uncover the secrets of the city. Test your perceptiveness and detective skills, train your focus and concentration.

Cats Organized Neatly – £2.29

So, you have decided to become a crazy cat person.

Or you just like cats?

If that’s the case you are definitely at the right place! Because we have cats! 30 of them to be exact. They come in all shapes and sizes and… we’ve kinda lost track of all of them.

If you could take some time and just help us organize the little ones. Just pick them up and place them on the grid over there.

And don’t worry, they won’t bite even if you rotate them a bit.

CrashOut Xtreme – £8.99

Crashout Xtreme is a casual arcade game with a unique combination of nostalgic and classic gameplay. Break the blocks using the bat and ball with a new and fresh design. Various gameplay experiences await with power-ups and challenging enemies.

Korean Rail Driving Tour – LRT Uijeongbu – £26.89

This game is a railroad simulation game that allows you to experience actual railroad operation based on video footage of the driving direction of an actual train.

Anyone can enjoy the feeling of being a train driver just by operating the accelerator and brakes.

Enjoy “Real” video of Korea’s beautiful scenery!

Erogods: Mirage – £6.79

Anubis, Gor, Atum, Thoth, Khepri and other gods are waiting for you. Your goal is to establish a romantic relationship and pass the tests. Are you ready to receive your reward?

Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne – £26.99

Action, Romance and MAD SCIENCE! Discover the award winning, gaslamp fantasy world of Girl Genius™! Experience Agatha Heterodyne’s story, as she navigates the hostile hallways, catacombs and kitchens of her ancestral home, Castle Heterodyne.

Savage Age – £13.29

In a long time gone, the earth was populated by thick foliage and thick oozing marshes. With fear and respect in their hearts, desperate pioneers vying for survival built totems that signified their existence as arduously passed down the torches of their legacy to future generations.

Our story begins with a small tribe. Our hero sets out on a quest to reclaim the holy Three-Winged Totem and steps into the unknown, thus starting a journey of romance and adventures.

Knowledge Keeper – £4.49

In this game, you will become a keeper of knowledge, collecting shards of divine crystals. Look for the right way to crystals. Avoid dangerous obstacles. Teleport from one space to another to get closer to your goal. Solve tasks on memory, logic and orientation in space to get to the blocked areas. Destroy, move and combine objects on the levels to get to divine crystals.

WWII AIRPLANE FIGHT – Battle War Squad – £12.99

Become a Legend of the Skies in WWII AIRPLANE FIGHT!

Immerse yourself in heart-stopping, solo combat amidst the roar of engines and the fury of warplanes! Pilot iconic warplanes across a diverse island map, mastering gravity-defying stunts and eliminating foes with precision in intense dogfights. Conquer diverse missions: escort bombers, cripple enemy bases, and rise through the ranks to become a legendary ace.

Doll Explorer – £8.69

In Doll Explorer, a deckbuilding turn-based strategy game, you’ll set off on a perilous adventure, combining various actions for Doll to perform in order to defeat enemies and maneuver around traps, all while evading the poisonous fog closing in from behind.

Make your way–cautiously yet surely–through the dungeon in search of the treasure that slumbers in its depths. Take note of enemies and traps, choosing the best actions and path forward. Don’t forget to make use of Tia’s stockpile of sorcery.

Colony Defense – The Ultimate Minimalist Tower Base Defense Game – £8.99

Are you looking for a unique and exciting strategy game that focuses on the essentials? Then you are exactly right here.

Embark on a journey across the universe and save as many human colonies as possible from mysterious attacking creeps in our ultimate, addictive, minimalist tower defense / base defense game.

Sugar Tanks 2 – £9.99

Pick up the fight again with this intense, fast-paced, and super-sweet tank shooter game.

Once again you will have to defend your sweet home world from evil grey tanks, trying to steal all the color from the candy forest!

Defeat enemy tanks while dodging their attacks. Level by level they will get faster, smarter and deadlier.

Unlock more heroes with their own sweet perks and upgrade your tank. Stock up on lives, bombs and shields and become the strongest hero.

Make it! Ikayaki – £1.58

Make ikayaki (grilled squid) on the Nintendo Switch™!

Fire up your hot plate and cook a bunch of ikayaki!

Share Joy-Con™ for up to 4 players to join in the fun!

A new high score is just within your reach!


There was a man whose love for sushi was so strong that he would die if he did not keep eating it. His love and passion are too deep for words. However, what he saw on a street corner in Shibuya was a scene of despair: sushi was disappearing from the world.

At that moment, a ray of light falls from the sky and the “Great Will of Sushi” appears. It was revealed that the order of the universe had collapsed, that the concept of sushi had been rewritten by someone, and that it was the work of an enemy so powerful that it threatened the balance of the universe. He is entrusted with a critical mission to overcome this crisis and save sushi.

He is determined. I’m going to do it!” and there was no other choice but to accept. He stands up to protect his beloved sushi and the future of the universe.

The Gap – £17.99

Driven by the rare illness plaguing his family, Joshua has to face the innermost depths of his past – moments both beautiful and painful. Exploring parallel realities through deja vu seems to be the only way he can recover his memories and salvage his life.

The Gap tells the difficult story of one man’s struggle to find a cure for his family’s sickness by diving ever deeper into his own psyche and through the exploration of the memories dear to his heart.

Joshua Hayes is a neuroscientist, whose family is touched by a rare genetic disorder that slowly eats away at one’s memories, dissolving the person’s sanity and personality. The struggle and fight of the family is witnessed through the lense of memories of their highest and lowest moments.

Being part of an experimental program to cure the disease, led by a biotech giant – Neuraxis, Joshua finds himself entangled in a corporate intrigue. While exploring the raw, minimalist spaces, he comes across items that act as gateways to his past.

In hopes of untangling the web of memories, he’ll need to face a distressing question – can he really trust himself?

If you had lost it all – family, memories, life. Could you trust yourself?

Devil’s Calling – £4.49

He took everything from you. He destroyed your family and cursed you with eternal suffering. And now, after you signed the pact with the devil, it’s your turn to settle the score with The Bad Man.

Your house, once full of family life, is now a terrifying place where hideous horrors roam. Your only chance is to find several artifacts which are needed to complete the sacred ritual. Only then will you be able to find and destroy The Bad Man.

No Umbrellas Allowed – £16.19

Welcome to your new job as store manager at Darcy’s – Ajik City’s most reputable second-hand shop. With help from your robot assistant, you will appraise, value, buy and sell a vast array of items. But remember: there are no umbrellas allowed. AVAC will be watching…

No Umbrellas Allowed is set in a futuristic sci-fi dystopia where greed is a crime and the emotions of the populace are suppressed by a drug called ‘Fixer’, which is administered via rainfall.

Life of Slime – £4.49

Slami, who did not go to university, goes to Intown to try to find his own special way in life. However, this path will be long and hard, you can’t predict WHAT will happen on this path, too bright life desired by Slami.

In Intown, you will meet characters just like Slami, all of them different from each other, each with their own desires and their own long path. Will you accompany them on this path? It is up to you to decide.

In this adventure you will have to interact with the world of slimes. The game will not require much effort from you, but it has something to surprise you. Curious players will be able to fully explore this world filled with various secrets.

Heisting – £4.49

You are a masterful thief who embarks on a stealing spree across the world’s most luxurious museums, galleries, and banks!

Gather your crew of robbers and devise the perfect plan as you progress through increasingly difficult levels.

If things go wrong, and believe us, they will, it will be up to your skills to shoot your way out to safety. Choose your upgrades carefully, as they could be the difference between a big payday and a messy failure.

As you progress, you will need to convince more robbers to join your gang and help you with your heists. In order for the heist to be completed, you will need to steal everything in your sight.

You will encounter different enemies who will try to prevent you from taking your loot, and you’ll need to adapt a unique strategy to get around each one of them.

Kitchen Crisis – £13.29

Characters automatically cook in the order of the recipe, and no further actions are required from the player. But beware, cooking will stop without proper kitchen appliances!

Challenging recipes create more powerful effects while you aquire a higher difficulty rating. Use your judgment to decide which recipes you can handle.

Super Destronaut Landed X Loaded – £4.99

Super Destronaut Landed X Loaded is a 2D arcade with intense, addictive arena-based gameplay.

Battle for as long as possible in 10 different arenas, each with its own unique set of challenges. Shoot down enemy combatants, and gain special power-up drones that add extra firepower to your side. How long can you survive?

If you love 2D arcades then you will love Super Destronaut Landed X Loaded!

Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy – £5.39

Enter a world of magic in a stunning new solitaire adventure! Guide a kind-hearted fairy, a noble knight and a powerful wizard as they pursue the evil witch, Jill, who intends to destroy the knight’s realm and enslave its people. Purchase this game to begin an unforgettable journey through a realm unlike any you have experienced!

Last Bloody Snack – £9.99

Submerge into the disturbed mind of Cody in Last Bloody Snack, a 2D horror experience that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat. Tormented by psychological demons, Cody’s journey unfolds in a dark and atmospheric adventure, drawing players into a world of terror within the confines of his haunted home.

Find Room 96 – £3.39

On floor 0 you will be presented with an area to study the layout of objects. The timer will start once you are ready to play. The correct decision will move you up a floor and the incorrect decision will reset you back to the beginning. Observation is key.

The timer will start once you are ready to play. The correct decision will move you up a floor and the incorrect decision will reset you back to the beginning. Observation is key.

If you don’t find anomalies, choose the elevator that states no anomalies otherwise choose the elevator that states confirm anomalies.

Fire Race – £8.99

Fire Race is a racing game that demands precision! Embark on a world tour, competing to secure the first-place while navigating banana peels, piles of sand, dangerous ice stalactites, and much more!

Looking for an extra challenge? Attempt to collect all the items and complete special quests in each level!

Although the path is challenging, a dose of power-ups can make all the difference. Utilize them to confront opponents and secure your victory!

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris – £8.99

Welcome to Venaris, a small planetary system where an underground criminal organization known only as the Syndicate continuously terrorizes citizens while the corrupt planetary administration is ineffective at bringing the organization down. Three skilled individuals have now decided to take matters into their own hands!

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris is a top-down vertical shoot’em up where choices presented in certain stages drastically alter the way the narrative unfolds. With multiple paths, unique content for each pilot you choose, specific tasks to complete, procedurally generated levels and unpredictable enemy attack patterns across 10 stages, Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris offers a wealth of replay value as you explore its narrative possibilities!

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris - £8.99

Next week: Botany Manor, Slave Zero X, Moonglow Bay, Let’s! Revolution, Cryptrio, Overdelivery , Oxytone, Die Again, SokoFrog, Sophia the Traveler, Loretta, Football Cup 2024, Outer Terror, Ato, and Steel Sand Mars Chronicles.