Nightdive are bringing back the forgotten 3DO FPS PO’ed

Nightdive Studios has waited until today, of all days, to announce PO’ed Definitive Edition. While many on social media brushed it off as an April Fool’s Joke initially, it’s definitely happening – and there’s a Steam page, with required PC specs and achievements, to prove it.

It’s also very much in Nightdive’s wheelhouse, with retro FPS being the studio’s bread and butter. Past works include Powerslave/Exhumed, DOOM 64, Turok, and Star Wars: Dark Forces.  

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of PO’ed before. It was originally released on the ill-fated 3DO in 1995, poised as the system’s premier FPS despite a goofy premise – you play as a ‘pissed off’ chef armed with a frying pan and other household items, battling bizarre beasts.

PO’ed Definitive Edition

It later gained a PSone release, which came and went without much fanfare. PSone owners had bigger fish to fry.

PO’ed DE will feature updated visuals, antialiasing, increased framerate, redefined controls, and up to 4K 144 FPS performance. A number of bugs have also been squashed.

It’s coming to all formats “soon” – which could mean weeks or months in this world of digital distribution.