Outward Definitive Edition, South Park: Snow Day, Touch Detective 3, Pepper Grinder, and Felix the Cat hit the Switch

A long weekend is almost upon us, resulting in a Thursday that feels suspiciously like a Friday, and it seems that publishers have kept a few games back for the Easter period.  

THQ Nordic are back with South Park: Snow Day, a co-op battler set in the snowy streets of the titular town, playable solo or with three friends. This is intended to be a smaller, quick burst, experience, hence the £24.99 price point. Our first impressions are that it’s better than Myth Force, which has a similar structure, but not by much. The campaign is very short, comprising of just five chapters lasting around 30 minutes. Hopefully the ‘end game’ reveals some hidden depths. We’ll have a review soon.

Following on from the recent Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the Switch gains another large open-world European RPG in the form of Outward Definitive Edition. Survival is the focus here, with hazardous environmental conditions to endure. This Definitive Edition includes The Soroboreans and The Three Brothers DLCs, plus new weapons and quality of life improvements. We found the Xbox One version to be reasonably compelling.

Another new release heading to retail and the eShop is Farming Simulator Kids, which appears to be a mini-game collection with 2D cartoony visuals. If you’re expecting a simplified version of the regular Farming Simulator, you may be disappointed.

Devolver Digital’s Pepper Grinder

Nintendo DS owners may recall the Touch Detective (aka Mystery Detective) series. Like Outward, the third instalment is gaining a ‘complete package’ this week, including not just Touch Detective 3 but also the DS original and its sequel, along with artwork and a history guide. It’ll set you back £35.99.

From DS to GBA. Devolver Digital’s Pepper Grinder appears to be a spiritual successor to Game Freak’s Drill Dozer, starring a female lead armed with a colossal dirt digging drill. Here, Pepper is out to retrieve lost treasure while chewing up the maritime environs.

For retro enthusiasts (hello!) there’s Felix the Cat from Konami and Limited Run, which brings together the plucky black cat’s NES and Game Boy platformers. EGGCONSOLE Xak PC-8801mkIISR sees the cult PC RPG Xak gain an (untranslated) re-release, while City Connection’s HEBEREKE Enjoy Edition is an easier version of Sunsoft’s 1991 NES platformer, now with rewind and turbo tools. The modern retro OTXO, meanwhile, offers bloody top-down shooting in a similar manner to Hotline Miami.

Terra Memoria

On the subject of nostalgia, Open Roads intends to recall the early ‘90s, being a story-driven road trip adventure where a dark secret is waiting to be discovered by a mother and daughter. Eurogamer awarded it a 3 star review earlier today, and was left wondering how it managed to notch up a four year development cycle.

A couple of RPGs are fighting for your attention too, with the party-based Terra Memoria looking similar to Square-Enix’s Octopath Traveller and Triangle Strategy, while Akatsuki: Lord of the Dawn offers turn-based battling with pixel art characters.

Then there’s the point ‘n click style underwater horror Stasis: Bone Totem, the politically charged document checking sequel Not Tonight 2, the 2.5D puzzle platformer One Last Breath, and the super-scaler style arcade shooter Missile Dancer 2. Think Afterburner and you’ll get the gist.

New Switch eShop releases



From South Park Digital Studios, the studio that brought you South Park: The Stick of Truth, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and South Park: Phone Destroyer comes the next chapter in the journey of the New Kid.

Join Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, in three-dimensional glory, to celebrate the most magical day in any young child’s life – a snow day! A massive blizzard has thrown the town into chaos and, more importantly, canceled school.

Play with up to three friends, use matchmaking, or solo the game with ally bots and battle through the snow-piled town of South Park. Engage in frenetic, action-packed combat against warring factions in an all-new story where you make the rules. Equip unique weapons and deploy devastating, upgradable special abilities on a new adventure to save the world and enjoy a day without school.

Outward Definitive Edition – £31.99

Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers.

As an ordinary adventurer, you’ll not only have to hide or defend yourself against threatening creatures, but also brave the hazardous environmental conditions, protect yourself against infectious diseases, make sure you get enough sleep, and stay hydrated. Embark on perilous expeditions across untamed lands to reach new cities, undertake diverse missions and discover hidden dungeons crawling with formidable enemies.

In order to survive in the dazzling yet deadly world of Aurai, you’ll have to be clever… and prepared. Divise effective strategies to defeat your foes and don’t neglect your basic needs, sharing your journey with a friend online.

Outward Definitive Edition includes both DLCs, The Soroboreans and The Three Brothers,as well as new weapons, dungeons, the DLCs unique mechanics and quality of life improvements. Adventurers, now is your best chance to explore the world of Aurai on the go!

Open Roads – £15.99

One fine fall day, Tess Devine and her mother, Opal, discover a cache of old notes and letters carefully stashed away in the attic of their house. Hints of deep-rooted family secrets, decades-old burglaries, a lost treasure somewhere near the Canadian border… What they uncover suggests a much darker mystery, best left well enough alone.

Farming Simulator Kids – £26.99

Farming Simulator Kids introduces the growing generation to the colorful and fun world of farming and blooming nature – educating and entertaining them in a child-friendly and sheltered environment. Suited for all ages and easy to play.

OTXO – £11.99

OTXO (pronounced oh-cho) is a violent top-down shooter with roguelite elements. Play as the protagonist entering an inexplicable mansion in search of his lost love. As you venture deeper into the Mansion, more of its secrets will be unveiled to you.

Featureless, unnamed, and without memories of how you came here… but you remember why. She’s waiting for you somewhere in this Mansion and you cannot leave until you find her. Cut your way through various unique areas and meet new allies as you delve deeper into the mystery, face your inner demons, and annihilate them.

Reaper Survivors – £4.49

Welcome to a world where time is your greatest enemy and survival is your only objective. In Reaper Survivors, players are thrust into a relentless struggle against the relentless passage of time itself. Set in a hauntingly beautiful pixel art landscape, this time survival game combines minimalist gameplay with roguelite elements, offering an immersive experience like no other.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files – £35.99

This jam-packed collection features Touch Detective 3, the biggest and best adventure of junior detective Mackenzie and her faithful sidekick Funghi, playable in English for the first time. With the arrival in town of the highly competitive detective Norman Touche, the pressure’s on Mackenzie to solve cases before her rival does!

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files also includes the entire original Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½ games, plus two bonus cases starring Funghi and an extensive gallery of artwork from the entire history of the Touch Detective series. Help Mackenzie and her friends as they examine clues, interview suspects and get to the bottom of one zany mystery after another!

Pepper Grinder – £13.49

Pepper Grinder is an action-packed pirate adventure starring the titular Pepper, a seafaring soul with a passion for prospecting, and Grinder, her super-powered drilling device.

Shipwrecked and robbed of her treasure, Pepper must spin up her trusty sidearm to reclaim what the mischievous Narlings stole. Armed with Grinder, Pepper burrows through terrain & water, controls machines, and pulverises all enemies blocking the way towards recovering her missing fortune – with interest!

Pepper’s progress will not be that simple, however, as mysterious beings begin to emerge from the shadows..

Felix the Cat – £19.99

The iconic cartoon Felix embarks on a heroic journey to rescue his girlfriend Kitty from the Professor. Players will battle various enemies utilizing cannon balls, flying discs, and other maneuvers to save the day.

Gamers will be transported into this iconic cartoon world where players become the beloved and worldwide character.

Terra Memoria – £17.99

A shortage of magic crystals and the sudden awakening of ancient robots leads six new friends on an incredible investigation across Terra – a cozy and fantastic world that combines 3D and pixel art.

HEBEREKE Enjoy Edition – £8.99

★Suddenly, a wonderful adventure

A mysterious little creature Hebe fell into a mysterious world.

Discover a brand new world, explore every corner, find the treasures with your new wonderful friends, and use their skills to find new places.

★Enjoy new convenient functions in Enjoy mode!

With the “Rewind” function, you can rewind the game if you have made a mistake or if you want to change an event. With the “Quick save&load”, you can create quick saves and load them easily. With the “Turbo” function, you can climb walls comfortably.

With these new functions, unlocking the 35 successes will be a breeze!

Blind Shot – £4.49

Take on the role of a clumsy commando, sent to fight a zombie horde. Turn-based gameplay, unusual mechanics dependent on your own pace of play. Gameworld and events inspired by a myriad of cult action movie parodies. Die, but take many of those mumbling green dudes with you!

Cirrus Business – £6.00

You’ll learn that growing and managing magical crops while defending against the slobsters isn’t a breeze, but very serious business.

In this wholesome community-focused adventure, Cloudi is tasked with restoring nature to its original pristine state. This is accomplished by cultivating and upgrading an assortment of magical crops. However, watch out for the slobsters – they don’t take kindly to a clean environment! Luckily, Cloudi has a squad of loyal friends to help out.

Monster Panic – £9.79

Quickly get to the most thrilling part of Rogue-like! Optimized for Nintendo Switch™, it delivers a great experience even when facing a screen full of monsters! Unlock your favorite classes, upgrade your preferred talents, face hundreds to thousands of monsters, make your choices, and play in your own style! But first, you need to make sure you can survive!

Sunny Café – £13.49

On a summer afternoon, the thunder showers fall mercilessly and the bells in the café ring. A boy regains his senses, suddenly noticing a soaked girl standing at the door. Sunny Café is a tale of accidental encounters, acquaintances and eventual parting, a love text adventure game that uses Taiwanese coffee knowledge as a catalyst for this cycle of interactions and an analogy for life itself.

Not Tonight 2 – £15.49

In an alternative broken America, where capitalism and political greed have taken center stage, your friend has gone missing. Snatched during a protest, Eduardo Suarez has been seized by the authorities, and now sits ready for processing in the Miami gulag.

Not Tonight 2 is an American document-checking road trip, fusing a time-pressure RPG with a politically charged, dark comedy where every decision matters. Will Eduardo’s friends Malik, Kevin and Mari manage to locate and deliver his documents to Miami in time, or is this the end of the American dream?

To The Sky – £8.99

To the Sky is an exciting action and adventure video game that catapults you into a breathtaking fantasy world. Your main objective is to reach the sky by overcoming obstacles, climbing imposing walls, and running through incredible scenarios.

Take on the role of a daring adventurer, equipped with agility and dexterity, as you explore fascinating and dangerous environments. You’ll have to climb steep walls, jump on moving platforms, and navigate intricate vertical mazes. Every step will be a challenge, as a fall means starting over.

One Last Breath – £16.19

One Last Breath tells a story about despair but also about hope. Even if the post-apocalyptic world of this 2.5D adventure is withered, Gaia’s powers might be enough to restore life. That won’t be easy, though. Lots of fearsome mutants will hunt her mercilessly.

Born from mother nature’s very last breath, Gaia has the ability to control the environment. Create paths using trunks, summon vines to hang between gaps, and solve puzzles using your powers to save our planet.

Akatsuki: Lord of the Dawn – £8.50

“Akatsuki : Lord of the Dawn” is a real-time battle RPG where you select escort characters from a variety of professions with diverse abilities, organize your troops, and engage in battles while freely manipulating formations.

In an era where the long war between the Demon Lord and the Empire has come to an end, you become the lord of the kingdom and strive to reclaim territories from the lingering remnants of the Demon Lord’s army, revitalize the declining economy, and aim for the recovery and development of your territories.

The World After – £8.99

Set during a pandemic lockdown in France, The World After tells the story of Vincent, a writer that fled the city in order to work on his new book. Recurring strange dreams push him to look for the truth behind the village mystery. As he investigates an old castle, he finds a way to switch between night and day and start being chased by a dreadful monster, The Nightwatcher.

Will he be able to find answers? What lies beyond the Tannhäuser Gate? Who or what is The Nightwatcher? What is the meaning of the strange messages he keeps on finding?

Soul Dog TD – £9.09

Soul Dog TD is a tower defense game where you fend off approaching enemies alongside Soul Dog and six other units.

Defeat enemies invading from the left of the screen before they reach your leader, all while picking up the souls of fallen enemies to enhance your own units. Once you defeat the enemy, select one of three items according to the circumstances, bolstering your forces even further.

The controls are simple. You can get started playing right away–but beware! You’ll soon find yourself hooked. Show off your command skills on all sorts of battlefields, from grasslands and forests to valleys and more!

Forrader Hero – £4.99

Forrader Hero is a turn-based tactical roguelike where heroes must battle hordes of monsters, undead creatures, and their sinister overlords.

Choose between multiple heroes with different unique skills, chart your path through the danger, and collect items to survive. You can’t move backwards! These brave heroes will only move forward, always ready for the next wave of combat.

If you lose, try again! Discover the heroes’ strengths to succeed.

Escape Game The Kitty School – £8.09

This game is an escape-the-room game (mystery-adventure game).

*Point the screen with a cursor to solve riddles, and story goes on.

Junior Labyrinth – £8.99

Magicians, get ready!

12 secrets hidden in the maze of the magic castle are waiting to be discovered! But the paths are changing constantly: where there was a free passage a mere moment ago, there is now suddenly a wall! Who can best move the corridors to reach the most secrets?

Escape Fear: Hide And Seek Horror – £4.99

You find yourself in an abandoned house, captured by a ruthless maniac. You have to secretly explore the house, find hidden objects and use them to escape from the maniac.

You must be extremely careful and act silently so as not to attract the attention of a maniac. Footsteps, opening doors or even whispering can lead to the maniac discovering your location and catching you. Sneak like a shadow, collect various tools to open locked boxes and hiding places and find your way to the exit!

Missile Dancer 2 – £13.29

Missile Dancer 2 is a new sprite scaler shmup that combines rail shooter and caravan STG.

EGGCONSOLE Xak PC-8801mkIISR – £5.39

“Xak” released in 1989, gained attention as Micro Cabin’s first action RPG.

Notably, the game features a “VR system” that enables three-dimensional and immersive visuals. This system allows characters and buildings to be portrayed naturally, bringing the game world to life.

With engaging battles against a diverse range of monsters, catchy background music, and impressive vertical-scrolling areas, the game is filled with exciting elements.

Its fast-paced gameplay and responsive controls contribute to the high praise received from many players.

The world of Xak, realistically depicted through its unique system, offers a dramatic and action-packed RPG experience.

This title is recommended for those who enjoy immersive and dynamic RPGs.

Old Coin Pusher Friends 2 – £3.29

Work together with other players to defeat yokai, repel groups of skulls, or aim for the jackpot. As you progress through the game, you can increase your abilities through various upgrades and equipment.

Zombiewood: Survival Shooter – £9.99

Zombiewood is back and remastered exclusively for Nintendo Switch™.

Zombies have invaded Los Angeles. The once glitzy and lavish streets that were alive with movie stars and celebrities are now overrun with hordes of the undead. For some, this spells terror, fear, panic… infection… But, for others, it’s an opportunity to light up the silver screen, roll camera and call ACTION! Take on the role of a stuntman-turned-action-hero, arm up your arsenal, and make your way to fame through the once-glamorous city now infested with flesh munchers!

Vikings: Valhalla Saga – £8.89

A realistic role-playing experience where you will experience the Valhalla Saga!

Are you ready to participate in the exciting adventure of Scandinavian pirate and merchant tribes, especially Ragnar Lothbrok?

Wouldn’t you like to be in the shoes of these mysterious warriors who have spent their lives at sea?

War horse-riding, archery,sword and Shield Defence,Fire,Map, navigation,swimming,running fast, rolling, climbing drills and special firing techniques to become a partner with the bloody struggle of the Middle Age!

NightGhast – £2.69

I have received an invitation from a widow named Mildred Bartgis, who resides in the countryside. She claims that her house became haunted after her divorce. She insists that an entity by the name of ‘Schnabelperchten’ is angry with her because her house is never clean enough. Perhaps, due to her depression after the divorce, she has become obsessive-compulsive.

However, I’m not a psychologist, so I’m not concerned about her mental state. This case is perfect for me as it holds many paranormal clues. I must search her house to determine whether it is genuinely haunted or not.

Right and Down and Dice – £10.49

Explore randomly generated card dungeons where you can only move Right and Down, use Dice to defeat mighty enemies, gather powerful artifacts, and learn new abilities! Will you be able to escape from the dungeon?

3D Printer – PrintMaster Simulator – £11.99

The ultimate 3D printing simulation and management game! Dive into the world of 3D printing technology, where you’ll build, customise, and manage your very own 3D printing workshop!

7 Days Heroes – £8.99

MAI, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, has gone rogue and is turning the entire population into zombies. Only three heroes with special abilities and their faithful dog can stop it.

“7 Days Heroes” is a retro-styled 2D platformer in which you control up to 4 different characters, each with their unique abilities.

Collect weapons and items with every character and aim for the goal. Enjoy the adventure on 30 stages in all 7 areas!

Coffee, Plis – £10.00

A Young man gets to fill in for his colleagues at a large cafeteria franchise as his first job, but things spiral out of control when he discovers chaos, also known as rush hour.

Re:Touring – £8.99

Re:Touring is a first-person puzzle game in which you’ll explore the abandoned Luoni Energy Competence Center and uncover the facility’s history, navigating through a total of 26 varied levels. Using a retro-style computer, you’ll create color patterns to control elements such as doors, platforms and lasers. Each mechanism is carefully introduced to make the game accessible to everyone.

House – £11.99

HOUSE is a horror adventure game where you play as a young girl exploring a dangerous house that’s doing everything it can to kill you and your family. Race against time to change fate…or fall into darkness yourself.

Labyrinthia Nightmares: THE JOURNEY OF LITTLE FLUFFYPUFF – £11.99

Descend into a realm of nightmares and marvels in this captivating adventure game. Guide the adorable Little Fluffypuff through a labyrinthine world teeming with mystery and danger. Maneuver through treacherous mazes, unravel puzzles, and engage in battles against formidable creatures in your quest for freedom.

nZen – £8.99

nZen will help you on your journey to finding yourself and understanding the world around you. Begin your contemplation, clear your mind, and let nZen guide you through the unexplored areas of your mind.

Go Kart Mania – £8.99

“Go Kart Mania” the ultimate kart racing game brings the thrill ride right to your Nintendo Switch™.

Race through 36 uniquely challenging tracks in iconic locations from Europe, China, and Australia, each offering a distinct racing experience.

Customize your kart to outsmart competitors.

Mad Experiments 2: Escape Room – £11.49

Play alone or in a team of up to 6 players! In first-person view, explore and gather clues that will help you to solve the puzzles of the room. As you solve puzzles, you unravel story bits and gets closer from the exit.

Challenge yourself with the 60-min time limit, or take your time and play in Relax mode with unlimited time!

Stasis: Bone Totem – £17.99

Follow Mac and Charlie, a husband and wife duo, who make their living scouring the ocean for salvage. But, when they stumble upon an abandoned oil rig in the Pacific Ocean, they uncover a horrific secret that Cayne Corporation will do anything to keep hidden.

As you embark on your adventure playing Mac, Charlie, and their trusty Super-Toy, Moses, you’ll encounter an immersive narrative filled with spine-tingling horror and unexpected twists. Combining the thrilling storytelling of STASIS and a tense underwater setting, STASIS: BONE TOTEM offers a personal story that will test the limits of family resilience.

Navigate through a massive underwater base, complete intricate puzzles, and solve an ancient secret concealed at the bottom of the ocean. BONE TOTEM features the same isometric, point-and-click gameplay that made STASIS a classic fan favorite, but with a new cast and a unique setting that will leave you gasping for breath.

With stunning visuals, a music score by Mark Morgan, a screenplay written by a Hollywood ace, voice acting by veteran actors, and a gripping storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat – STASIS: BONE TOTEM is a must-play game for horror and sci-fi adventure fans.

Stasis: Bone Totem - £17.99

Next week: Saviorless, Freedom Planet 2, The Gap, Doll Explorer, Tengoku Struggle -Strayside, Deadland Chronicles, Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne, Knowledge Keeper, Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris, Cats Organized Neatly, No Umbrellas Allowed, Life of Slime, Heisting, and Last Bloody Snack.