The UK retail chart sees four new arrivals within the top ten

The UK’s retail chart is a hubbub of activity, especially within the top ten. In fact, we almost saw an all new top five. Despite four new entries in the top ten though, the UK’s no.1 remains unchanged, with the top spot occupied by the currently discounted EA Sports FC 24.

Capcom’s very well received (at least until dozens of microtransactions appeared on launch day) RPG Dragon’s Dogma II debuted at #2 while also topping the PS5 top ten. Touted as a potential GOTY contender (again, until the microtransactions magically surfaced) it should manage to stay in the UK for a few more weeks to come.

Nintendo’s Princess Peach: Showtime took #3, while claiming the top spot in the Switch chart. First party Switch releases tend to be evergreen sellers, with the occasional exception here and there (cough, Everybody 1-2 Switch) yet it’s difficult to say if Showtime will be a steady seller or a flash in the pan. We don’t recall Super Princess Peach on DS sticking around for long.  

At #4 it’s Hogwarts Legacy, down from #2. Then at #5 it’s another new arrival – the PS5 exclusive Rise of The Ronin, published by Sony themselves. Review scores were mixed at launch, resulting in a 76% Metacritic. Not shabby, but certainly no Ghost of Tsushima either.

After Outcast – A New Beginning’s no show a few weeks ago, THQ Nordic has seemingly found success with their Alone in the Dark reboot, which debuts at #6 – even though reviews were far from glowing. Its Metacritic score currently sits at a middling 64%. The sad thing about this is that Outcast had far more positive reviews.

Helldivers II, Sony’s other recent first party title, took a dive to #7. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – often bundled with PS5 consoles at retail – re-entered at #8, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dipped to #9, and then at #10 it’s Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – which has seen a price cut in the past week, currently available for around £25.

WWE 2K24 and FF VII Rebirth both exited the top ten, meanwhile, with the sweaty grappler now at #11 and Square-Enix’s time consuming RPG at #14. On a related note, the catchily named Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Twin Pack also re-entered at #28 while coming close to breaking the Switch top ten.