Princess Peach: Showtime, Legend of Legacy HD, MLB The Show 24, Crypt Stalker, and Attack of the Karens hit the Switch

Nobody tangles with Princess Peach. Or rather, it seems that few publishers want to stand in her way – it’s a quieter week than usual for the Switch eShop. This can be chalked up to a combination of Nintendo’s biggest Switch release of 2024 so far – Princess Peach: Showtime! – and the fact that many publishers seem to be saving their newest games for the Easter holidays.  

Nintendo’s costume-switching action platformer has been developed by Good-Feel – something only revealed recently – and it appears to offer a similar easy going experience to their previous works, such as Yoshi’s Crafted World. The first review surface comes from Famitsu, who handed out 33/40. They claim it’s a little short, and rather easy, but a good introduction to action games for younger gamers.

NIS America are also back with The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered, a 3DS RPG revival. While not quite legendary, it seems to be going down well with critics, gaining a 7/10 from Nintendo Life: “The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered is a decent, though unspectacular, dungeon crawler that does a good job of defying some traditional RPG tropes.”

Then there’s the annual sporting update MLB The Show 24 – which apparently boasts impressive presentation, but is let down by microtransactions – the 8-bit style Castlevania alike Crypt Stalker, heavy metal rhythm action game Krimson, and the comedic 2D shoot’em up Attack of the Karens from Flynn’s Arcade. Are you ready to save the world from entitlement?

New Switch eShop releases

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered - £44.99

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered – £44.99

Take charge of your tale in The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered! Join seven adventurers as they explore the mysterious land of Avalon while pursuing their own unique journey.

Experience classic RPG combat with a twist! Victory relies on how you manage formations and instruct specific combat roles to gain an upper hand on the battlefield. You can also utilize the ancient power of the elementals by forging contracts mid-battle to call down powerful skills! Track your journey as you go, and when you’re in need of a rest, return to the continent’s lone city to revitalize your crew.

Each route has a one-of-a-kind narrative. Immerse yourself in the unique stories of each hero, learn their motivations, and unveil the secrets of Avalon in this exciting RPG adventure!

MLB The Show 24 – £49.99

It’s your Show. Ready to own it?

Set out on the road to baseball greatness – whatever it is you want to achieve, MLB® The Show™ 24 has got you covered.

Earn your call up from the minors to the big leagues and prove you’ve got what it takes at the top. Learn from the legends of the sport, take inspiration from their heroics and use it to improve your game. Hold your nerve when it matters and earn the right to be called World Series champions.

Princess Peach: Showtime! – £49.99

A mysterious, masked villain has taken over Sparkle Theater and it’s up to Princess Peach to save the play – and the day! Take centre stage with a wardrobe of showstopping transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime! for Nintendo Switch.

Sky Runners Infinite: Parkour – £12.99

Become a parkour prodigy, defying the tyrannical grip of the all-seeing Panopticon. Master gravity-defying moves, rock cutting-edge styles, and fuel your rebellion with powerful upgrades. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals, electrifying music, and a captivating story of freedom.

Master Maker 3D Ultimate – £4.49

Play as Master Maker, a young builder who possesses a special boomerang hammer capable of collecting items, destroying boxes and defeating enemies from a distance! In this 3D adventure inspired by classics of the ’90s, you can explore and build freely. Adventure mode features 50 colorful levels to inspire your constructions. Just move Master Maker from the starting point to the flag at the end of the stage by jumping across platforms, knocking out enemies and avoiding traps! Then Level Creator lets you build original stages however you like by adding blocks, coins, spikes, cannons, trees, decorations, ramps and much more!

Western Frontier – £1.79

Western Frontier is a 2D action shooting game.

Defeat rogues, earn bounties, and restore peace to the town.

At the tavern, you can strengthen your weapons and buy new ones.

Use a wide variety of weapons and instant evasion to take down all the wanted criminals.

Scott Whiskers in: the Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw – £13.49

Join Scott Whiskers on his quest to find Mr. Fumbleclaw – the future star of the legendary cat beauty contest “Ricky’s Finest”.

“Scott Whiskers in: the Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw” is a modern, funny and family-friendly point & click adventure game about cats, pop culture and life itself. Created in the spirit of the classics of the genre.

Krimson – £7.94

Krimson is a challenging gritty rhythm platformer featuring heavy electronic metal music. You’re an unknown spawn going through a hellish world as it moves rhythmically to the music. One wrong move means death but the checkpoints are often and death is very short.

Paper Dash – City Hustle – £9.99

Soar through captivating landscapes, from mystical forests to scary mansions, in search of these malevolent spirits. Utilize your flying skills and shoot all the ghosts, restore peace, and bring harmony to the realms in this visually stunning game. An interactive game experience that is designed to ease your mind and have fun finding and shooting little ghosts.

Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook – £9.99

Natalie has barely survived her first semester in college, and all she wants is a break.

However, her parents insist that she start acting like a responsible adult and get a job during her school’s winter break. In no time at all, Natalie’s roommate sets her up with a job, and she’s shipped off to the town of Fairbrook for a mundane job in a flower shop. What’s a poor, tired student to do?

Take control of Natalie as she spends winter in Fairbrook raising flowers, making friends, and maybe even finding love!

Sector 98 – £0.89

Complete 25 levels to complete the game,

These levels have bosses, enemies, and traps.

It’s not as easy as it looks.

We NEED YOU! Bzzt Bzzt.

April’s Diary – £13.49

April is a young woman living in England in the Victorian era. She has taken up a position as a housekeeper at the estate of Lord Ashford, a rather arrogant aristocrat who has recently inherited the mansion from his late father. With a wink to Pride and Prejudice the game requires April to clean up Lord Ashford’s many rooms, interrupted by a dialogue with his Lordship.

April’s Diary is a 3D puzzle game which applies a tile matching style of gameplay. You start in every room with a huge pile of items which are on top of each other and April needs to pick up 3 matching items every turn in sequence to clear them from the floor. This requires some strategy and skill.

Hentai Girls Panic – £5.39

You are a brave alien who must free all the cute girls who have been kidnapped by evil monsters.

The game offers dynamic and exciting gameplay in which you will have to go through various levels, unlocking new images of girls. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase, making each round more exciting and challenging.

Defeat all bosses and unlock all images!

SUSHI Shot Online – £1.00

Combining two sushi of the same type will merge them into a new type of sushi!

Keep on matching your sushi so that they don’t pile up and overflow onto the counter!

Merge two large sushi together and send Bento Blockers to disrupt your opponents!

Clear Bento Blockers from your own field by merging nearby sushi!

Reach for your title as World Champion!

Stunt Paradise – £6.99

Push your driving skills to the limit as you perform insane stunts, including jumping off ramps, flipping through the air, and smashing through explosive obstacles!

Explore extreme tracks in various locations, from industrial cities and dusty deserts to beautiful tropical beaches. With many cool cars to choose from, each level offers a unique challenge that enhances your driving experience.

Mortal Fight: Lethal Revenge – £8.99

Mortal Fight: Lethal Revenge offers an unforgettable fighting game experience. This epic adventure is filled with a rich story, epic boss battles, and three selectable main characters.

Crypt Stalker – £6.29

Crypt Stalker is an 8-bit retro-styled arcade game. Take on the role of Gladys, one of the descendants of the world’s defenders, and stop the demons before they unleash hell on the planet. Explore and defend diverse locations such as pyramids, a lake of fire, or overgrown ruins from unearthly creatures.

Demon Drop DX – £2.69

Dive into the dark world of ‘Demon Drop DX’ – the ultimate monster-hunting adventure! An action-packed skill game in pixel art style for up to 3 players simultaneously.

Choose your difficulty level and plunge into the battle. Use your magical cubes and tactical skills to combine colors and drive away the creatures of the night.

Attack of the Karens – £4.99

Save the world from entitlement.

Defend your city to your last breath in this zany, rambunctious roguelite shoot ’em up. An evil alien pathogen has mutated four spoiled women and turned them into cyborgs with massive robot armies. It’s up to you to cancel them forever!

Attack of the Karens - £4.99

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