GRANDIA HD Collection is coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this month

The spare time sapping RPG package GRANDIA HD Collection is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on March 26th, courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment America. 

Not only this, but Limited Run Games will be releasing a physical edition for $34.99, with pre-orders going live on March 15th. It’ll include a trio of art cards and a reversible cover.

GRANDIA HD Collection

This collection features enhanced UI, sprites and textures, along with widescreen support and improved cinematics.

We looked at the Switch version back in 2019, which garnered an 8/10 review score. Hopefully, this belated release will include the option for crisper, pixel perfect, sprites. The smoothing effect made characters appear rather blurry.

The original Grandia launched on SEGA Saturn in Japan and then made its way to Europe via the PSone version. The more contemporary sequel, meanwhile, launched on Dreamcast and then found its way to PS2 after SEGA exited the console biz. Both are generally considered cult classics nowadays.