Atari are returning to arcades, via manufacturer Alan-1

Modern arcade game manufacturer Alan-1 has announced plans to create new arcade cabinets with Atari, each based on their revamped Recharged series.

The company aims to produce “at least ten” different full size arcade games in the next three years, with the first due nationwide across the US during Q3 2024.

Cabinets will be equipped with pinball knockers, shaker motors, and blower fans that will activate at key points. High scores can also be charted via a mobile app with iPhone/Android notifications, prompting players to return to the arcade to reclaim high score tables.

Classics Atari has revived with the Recharged series so far include Missile Command, Centipede, Black Widow, Asteroids, Breakout, Gravitar, Yars Revenge, Quantum, and Berserk.

It seems Alan-1 has only one arcade game to their name thus far – 2023’s  Avian Knights, which appears to be influenced by Joust. A comic book tie-in was also released, because why not?