THQ Nordic are bringing back Disney Epic Mickey [Updated]

How’s about spat? THQ Nordic are publishing Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, a reimagining of the 2010 Wii original.

Vienna based Purple Lamp, behind THQ’s recent SpongeBob games, are on development duties.

Revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct, it’ll feature new movement skills such as a dash, ground pound, and a spirit ability. The controls are also being reworked, which is no surprise considering the original was created with the Wii remote in mind.

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed

Epic Mickey was a hit on Wii at launch. The multiformat sequel, however, was a bit of a mess due to a rushed development. Purple Lamp seems to have a good understanding of what makes a 3D platformer tick, so we’re confident this is in good hands.

“I’ve received more heartfelt fan mail from players of all ages about Disney Epic Mickey than any other project I’ve worked on – a true indicator of the timelessness of this game,” said Warren Spector, director of the original Disney Epic Mickey. “That my team and I contributed to that legacy is truly an honor and I’m delighted that old fans and new will get to enjoy the adventures of Mickey and Oswald in Wasteland once again.”

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is due out later this year on all formats. You’ll find a few more screenshots on Nintendo’s site.