Piko Collection 4 revealed for Evercade, including Glover and Street Racer

Blaze has lifted the lid on Piko Collection 4, and is always the case with Piko collections, it’s another peculiar assortment. Considering Piko is merely an IP holder, this does seem inevitable.  

Nevertheless, we always enjoy jumping into a Piko cart – variety is the spice of life and all that. Blaze also often manages to find a good balance with their collections when it comes to genres and platforms covered.

Glover on N64

Ten games are on offer here, with the N64’s 3D platformer Glover as the cover star. Yes, N64 emulation is coming to Evercade. Hopefully, the control schemes translate, with this originally designed around the N64’s central analogue stick. [Update] Glover has been built from the ground up by Byteswap Labs and Maximilian Wendell, and will include modern improvements, revised controls, and a cameo of Cadey – the Evercade’s mascot.

Then there’s the 16-bit platformer Risky Woods, early FPS Zero Tolerance Underground, what appears to be the NES versions of Target: Renegade and Bad Street Brawler, the US-only SNES action platformer Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans, Mermaids of Atlantis (aka the “clean” version of Bubble Bath Babes), the GBA’s Starfox alike Star X, and the Game Boy puzzle platformer The Fidgetts.

Also included is Street Racer, an early Ubisoft kart racer that was a hit on SNES. The Mega Drive version wasn’t as hot, playing more like a typical racer due to the lack of Mode 7. Luckily, this appears to be the SNES version. We guess including the PSone iteration was out of the question.

Piko Collection 4 is due to launch alongside Sunsoft Collection 2 on April 20th.