The Snow Bros. inspired arcade game Slam and Roll heads to Steam soon

When the world’s monuments become targeted by aliens, mankind’s plan to wipe them out with heavy artillery backfires. All is not lost, though – turns out the aliens are susceptible to baseballs, hockey plucks, and other sports equipment pelted into their faces. Who knew?

That’s the premise behind Slam and Roll – a modern arcade-style experience influenced by Snow Bros, Bubble Bobble and other single screen classics, in which enemies can be trapped in bubbles and slammed into oblivion. It’s an idea decades in the making, first envisioned on the MSX in 1992, and now finally a reality in 2024 after entering full development in 2021.

Slam and Roll

Supporting one or two players, it’ll offer a ‘hardcore’ arcade mode and a modern mode with a world tour to play through, comprising of 200 stages. Two characters will be available from the outset, with more unlocked throughout play – each clutching their own choice of sporting apparatus.

Through the inclusion of bonus rounds, secrets, and unlockables, Spanish developer KaleidoGames aims for a high replay value.

The Steam version will be the first to bounce out the door, with console releases to follow once a publisher is found.