Retro-style platformer Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland launches in March, Steam demo incoming

It seems reasonable to suggest the development of the retro-inspired Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is being wrapped up. In addition to announcing a March release date on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, publisher The MIX Games has confirmed that a Steam demo is imminent as part of Steam Next Fest.

The console versions feature 8-bit style pixel art along with a HD filter with hand drawn, cartoony, animations. A NES version, handled by Limited Run Games, is also in the pipeline and due a physical release. Pre-orders are expected to open soon.

 Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland

This belated TV tie-in takes the form of a co-op adventure, intended to be played by parents alongside their children. Six worlds fuelled by the Rugrat’s imaginations feature, including an ice cream factory (in reality, a fridge) and a haunted house (the attic.)

Each drooling dimwit has their own skills, with Chuckie able to jump high and Phil able to dig. That’s once Chuckie overcomes his fear of heights, at least.

The idea of an 8-bit NES Rugrats game isn’t too farfetched. This new endeavor closely resembles the Game Boy Color Rugrats tie-ins, and so it’s only one console generation out of synch.