Horror beat’em up revival Night Slashers: Remake is coming to all formats

Forever Entertainment has confirmed that Night Slashers: Remake is coming to all current formats – PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic. That’s both the PS4 and PS5, plus the Xbox One and Xbox Series, if you’re wondering.

This news doesn’t come as a huge surprise. We haven’t covered Night Slashers: Remake before today though, so it seems a good oppertunity to give it some limelight.

Night Slashers originally hit arcades in 1994 through Data East. This horror themed scrolling brawler has amassed a cult following over the years, which is likely why Forever Entertainment – who has also handled revivals of Front Mission, Panzer Dragoon, and The House of the Dead – have picked up the rights.

Night Slashers: Remake

It isn’t merely gaining an HD makeover. New features include an expanded hero roster and a new character select screen, improved controls and enhanced mechanics, dynamic lighting, and a choice between the original OST or an arranged score. Hopefully, the arcade original will be included too, either from the outset or as an unlockable.

Currently, there’s no release date or word on pricing.