Geometry Survivor launches on 21st Feb, featuring auto-shooter mechanics

Life’s a funny old thing. Last week I was lamenting the lack of a new Geometry Wars, this week I’m excited for a new spiritual successor.

Geometry Survivor, as it’s known, isn’t far off either, due 21st Feb on all formats. A demo of the Steam version is now available to coincide with Steam Fest Next.

This isn’t a twin-stick shooter, however. In fact, it only appears to mimic Geometry Wars’ presentation. What we have here is a ‘one handed’ auto-shooter with Rogue-lite elements, including permanent upgrades and new ships.  

Geometry Survivor

It’s set to task players to survive for twenty minutes against waves of enemies – with each adversary type having its own attack formations. An ‘80s dance soundtrack is also promised.

Geometry Survivor is being developed by Brain Seal Ltd, creators of the Dark Quest series, and is due on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Steam. It’ll be interesting to see what a Rogue-like take has to offer.