Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash, POSTAL: Brain Damaged, Project Downfall, Torn Away, and Speed or Death hit the Switch

The first payday of 2024 is imminent for many, and the Switch eShop has a new line-up of games ready and waiting.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash is the only new title hitting both the eShop and retail this week. This 2 vs. 2 brawler is the first console game based on the Weekly Shonen Jump series, with Bandai Namco at the helm. Characters have both regular and cursed attacks, which can be combined for special joint attacks. Over time, skills and techniques develop.

The Postal series is about to be delivered onto Switch too. POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a spin-off taking inspiration from ‘90s shooters, promising a deranged trip with ridiculous weapons and enemies out of a freak show. The PC version was well received, suggesting this is worth a look. It isn’t the only throwback FPS arriving this week – Project Downfall features pixel art enemies, and a protagonist uncannily similar to John Wick. It isn’t a ‘boomer shooter’ however – some tactical elements feature. This too appears to have gone down well on PC.

Project Downfall

Then there’s Torn Away, a touching story set during WWII in which the ten-year-old Asya escapes from a camp and attempts to return home. The action is viewed from a side-on perspective and over a dozen mini-games feature.

That’s joined by UDO (Unidentified Drilling Object) – a down-scroller roguelike with arcade sensibilities, looking similar to Downwell and Mr. Driller.

Other releases include the comical The Pigeon – Simulator, 3D tube puzzler KUBIC, eastasiasoft’s tower defense shoot’em up Turret Rampage, the harpoon flinging Harpoon Shooter! Nozomi, whip cracking pixel art platformer Teppo and The Secret Ancient City, and the arcade-style racer Speed or Death – which recalls a Midway racer circa 2000. Part Cruis’n’ USA, part San Fransico Rush.

New Switch eShop releases

POSTAL: Brain Damaged – £19.99

Forget everything you know about the gameplay of the POSTAL series. POSTAL: Brain Damaged, the daring, player acclaimed spin-off, is here to take you on your wildest ride along the POSTAL Dude yet. This isn’t Paradise anymore, not even Edensin. This time the story happens within the twisted psyche of the POSTAL DUDE, himself! And it isn’t the open world sandbox you might expect, either.

The spin-off takes the gameplay into a whole new – yet instantly familiar direction of first-person shooter classics of the 90s and 2000s. Level-based non-stop action and exploration, a wide roster of fantastic and nightmarish enemies and bosses, an arsenal of very unconventional guns, and tons of secrets to discover. All that spiced-up by what made the world of POSTAL games so special: the boundless humor!

Project Downfall – £21.59

Find yourself in a future city full of gangs, mafias, and other shady people. Become a merciless assassin who works during the day, and gets into a killing frenzy at night. Hop in the car, select a destination, and explore every corner of Crimson Tide.

If you want to feel an adrenaline rush, you can explore the city on foot but watch your back and don’t ask too many questions.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash – £54.99

For the first time ever, the highly acclaimed series from Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, Jujutsu Kaisen, is expanding into the domain of console games!

Aim to become the strongest together by taking advantage of the characteristics of each technique, aiming for a Joint Attack that is triggered by combining attacks, and working together in harmony to assess the battle situation!

Familiar members such as Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and Satoru Gojo, as well as Cused Spirits such as Jogo and Hanam, will also participate in the game.

The Pigeon – Simulator – £11.99

Step into the feathery shoes of a daring pigeon in the heart of a bustling park with The Pigeon – Simulator! This one-of-a-kind game promises a whimsical and utterly entertaining adventure that’s bound to tickle your funny bone and keep you coming back for more.

Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend – £4.99

After being kicked out of both his PhD program (plant science) as well as medical school (Pathology), Dr. Frank had pretty much resolved himself to a life of solitude and science. That is, until a handsome stranger knocked on his door and swept him off his feet. Dominik seemed to be the perfect boyfriend- attentive, caring, and interested in Dr. Frank’s work.

Not only is Dr. Frank going to one-up Dominik’s presentation by presenting the world’s first artificial life form, but Dr. Frank is going to make said life form the world’s hottest, most beautiful boyfriend. Dr. Frank’s Build-A-Boyfriend is a comedy boys love visual-novel mixed with point-and-click adventure elements.

Snow Moto – Racing Adventure – £11.99

Embark on an icy adventure, steering a high-speed snow motorcycle through snow-covered landscapes. Dash through challenging checkpoints, from time-sensitive hurdles to gravity-defying trampolines. Winding forest trails and intricate roads test your reflexes and strategy.

Your motorcycle is more than a ride; it’s an extension of your spirit. Whether a seasoned racer or a newcomer, gear up for an unforgettable ride, conquering each checkpoint to become the ultimate snowmobile champion. Embrace the challenge, conquer obstacles, and let the frosty winds carry you to legendary status in this adrenaline-pumping winter saga!

Morto – Chapter 2 – £1.19

A heavy and enigmatic game that, this time, will delve further into the familiar environment in which the protagonist is immersed. Discover more about the secrets surrounding this character and those who live with him. Morto is an artistic game with depression as its main theme and should be avoided by those who are sensitive to this subject.

Torn Away – £13.49

Experience the tragedy of World War II through the eyes of a child and survive without losing your humanity in this war-torn world, where only the strongest prevail.

Asya is ten years old. She wants to sail paper ships down the stream, play in the backyard with her friends all day and hurry home in the evening when Mom calls for dinner.

But Europe is engulfed in flames of World War II. Millions of people are taken away for forced labor in Germany. Asya and her mother also find themselves among the Osterbaiters. After several unbearable months in a labor camp, Asya manages to escape. Her only destination — home.

KUBIC – £2.99

KUBIC is a NEW game like you’ve never seen it, or heard it, or felt it before—an incredibly addictive, unique, and breathtakingly gorgeous puzzle games of all time.

In KUBIC, players complete circular rings by rotating and moving different falling color-shaped pieces (CUBES), which descend onto the playing field. The completed rings disappear and the player scores points, and the player can proceed to fill the vacated spaces. The game ends when the uncleared rings reach the top of the playing field.

Piggy Gambit – £6.99

Our protagonist is a piggy who spent many years away from the real world. He now yearns for his purpose in life but struggles to find the way.

So one day, with vagueness and anticipation of the known, he set forth towards the end of the world. Little did he know, he was about to toil in an aeon of strife within the Chess Kingdom while as embarks on his mystical journey. As he cracks one intricate puzzle after another, he gradually grasps a higher understanding of this strange world around him.

Tale of Immortal – £16.39

Step into the enchanting world of the Tale of Immortal, where cultivation is an art that requires more than just financial means and help from fellow cultivators. To truly master it, one must possess a deep understanding of the craft and have access to the right cultivation venues. But that’s not all—the journey is fraught with danger, as you’ll face unpredictable monsters, crisis-ridden mystic realms, insurmountable barriers, and brilliant treasures waiting to be discovered.

Turret Rampage – £4.49

Defend humanity from subterranean monsters as the last standing turret! Turret Rampage is a shoot’em up game with tower defense elements. You are a defensive turret, the only unit that stands between the remnants of humanity and the fierce underground invaders.

Repel enemy waves by quickly moving between their tunnels and using the right weapons for every foe. The more you anger the outlandish creatures, the stronger will be the forces they send to break through your defenses. Use quick-thinking strategy, a varied arsenal of shot types and even an artificial earthquake to survive waves of baddies and move deeper underground!

AVARIS3 – £27.00

In the three years since the previous game, Vaster Claws 3, we have improved the dedicated game engine and coded a program that specializes in horde vs. horde.

A large number of units collide, which was thought to be impossible on Nintendo Switch™.

Graveyard Girls – £5.39

Graveyard Girls is a Halloween-themed visual novel about complicated grief and overcoming hardships. Collect Elle’s “scribbles” to learn about her struggles, befriend a mysterious girl, and talk about death and loss.

Carry Onward – £4.49

Carry Onward is a short emotional narrative-driven game that follows Thomas, a grieving man, as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery while packing up his home. Experience his quest to find healing and hope as he prepares to leave behind the house he once shared with his beloved wife.

Engage with seemingly ordinary objects, each holding special significance to Thomas and his past, and explore the inner thoughts and emotions of a man seeking solace and purpose. Witness how even the smallest moments can have a profound impact on our lives and shape who we are.

CEIBA – £8.99

A young Artifite – explorer, Ein, is tormented by a vague longing. He doesn’t know when the expedition began, and why it still can’t reach its goal. One thing he knows for sure is that since they’re stuck here for a while, he should find himself a girl. And he’s got just the right one in mind.

Frequent encounters in the wardroom, lunches together with the whole crew… the task seems a piece of cake. But there are three catches. First, the girl is as cold and unfriendly like cosmic ice. The second one, she’s obsessed with exploring abandoned alien

Speed or Death – £7.19

Cross a city infested with enormous monsters, dodge the fiery breath of a dragon, find how to escape an alien invasion… all without getting eaten by a worm.

This is Speed or Death, a frenzied racing game where the most important thing isn’t reaching the finish line, but surviving the chaos around you. Unlock the different cars and live to tell the tale another day. What apocalypse shall we race through today?

UDO – £13.29

Dig through a mysterious planet in a delicious arcade down-scroller roguelike that basically challenges you to dig deeper and deeper into a creepy hole with an oversized drill!

Go further to find mysterious technologies, improve your drill and suit, and make each run unique while being surrounded by creatures that definitely don’t want you in any of the 4 worlds in this weird planet you crashed into

Defense Master – £12.59

This is a simple and fun game. In the game, you play as a member of a transport convoy, carving a bloody path through monsters and robbers. They are after your cargo, and you must turn them into your spoils of war with the weapons in your hands.

Japanese Escape Games The Police Office – £8.09

This game is an escape-the-room game (mystery-adventure game).

*Point the screen with a cursor to solve riddles, and story goes on.

Harpoon Shooter! Nozomi – £7.99

Side-scrolling shooter by shooting and pulling harpoon!:

Shoot the harpoon at the strong enemies!

When shoot the harpoon at the enemy,

Fire forward and in addition at the enemy.

MIGHT’N MOW’EM Coop-Survivors Online – £3.59

You enjoy the rewarding gameplay of Bullet Hell games and played the hell out of MMORPGs with your friends? We´ve got you covered. Our MIGHT’N MOW’EM combines the dopamine rush of the re-emerged genre of Bullet Hell games with mechanics characteristic to well-known MMORPGs – all wrapped in a modern Roguelite experience.

Dreamcutter – £13.49

The Dreamcutter, a mysterious scythe with an ulterior motive, promises alluring rewards and a chance at escape. But what strange dangers and exotic encounters will you find inside your own mind? Dreamcutter is an intense side-scrolling action platformer that blends visual novel CG scenes with macabre themes and sassy character dialogue. Along with your friend Lucia, you’ll take the role of Haley as the pair navigate the darkest parts of Haley’s subconscious.

Use the Dream Combo to rack up points, collect coins to buy upgrades, reach higher platforms by sticking your scythe in walls, swing, grind, float and more! Plenty of seductive moments await in this dreamscape, but will you survive to remember them?

Teppo and The Secret Ancient City – £7.19

“Teppo and The Secret Ancient City” is an exciting adventure where players take on the role of explorer Teppo, searching for the legendary stone fortress hidden in the Amazon jungle. Meeting the mysterious Tanaca Wanax, the last chief of the unknown tribe of elected allies, Ugha Lulala, players will discover the incredible and fantastic history of a highly evolved ancient civilization, superior to that of the Mayas and the Incas.

With the help of unknown technologies from space visitors, including magical diamond-shaped stones that can open a portal to access parallel worlds, players will have to overcome obstacles and challenges to reach the fortress and open the first portal. A mystery and discovery filled adventure for fans of exploration and archaeology.

Teppo and The Secret Ancient City

Next week: Alisa Developer’s Cut, Town Adventures, CLeM, Dungeonoid 2 Awakening, HunterX: code name T, KONOSUBA, Invector: Rhythm Galaxy, Mustache In Hell, Cannibal Abduction, Jubilee, Forklift Simulator 2024, Golfinite, Prisonela DX, and Borzoi Adventure.