Stop feeling blue – Sonic is back in UK McDonald’s Happy Meals

Sonic is no stranger to a McDonald’s promotion, with several appearing over the years. This month the hedgehog’s face is plastering Happy Meal boxes in the UK once again, joined by Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Sorry, Eggman fans.

Twelve toys are available from January 4th until February 6th, taking the form of cardboard-style push-out construction puzzles. The Happy Meal page on McDonald’s site mentions hoverboards, challenge towers, mosaics, and more. Sonic headbands, flags, and activity sheets are also being handed out. Or as is likely the case in our local McDonalds, found scattered on the floor.

Scanning the QR code on the Happy Meal box gives access to a Sonic Speed Stimulator “digital experience” that appears to be a simple maze-game of sorts with rings to collect. That should keep the kids quiet while queueing for a second apple pie.   

While the TV advert features character designs in line with Sonic Superstars, this promotion doesn’t appear directly tied to Superstars at all. We can perhaps chalk this up to SEGA reusing their most recent CGI animations.