Solo developed 3D platformer Racco Venture launches next month

After a successful showing at the 2021 indie games festival in Brazil, where it was a finalist for best children’s game, the solo developed 3D platformer Racco Venture is due to leap onto consoles in December.

After a gang known as the Tattooed Armadillos steal a sacred relic, the world of Verta finds itself in danger. Enter Raccoo – the last heir of the Power of the Guardians – to save the day. Raccoons? Guardians? We’re sure that’s just a coincidence.

Racco Venture

Raccoo Venture presents a non-linear platforming adventure with puzzles, hidden items, and a light dusting of magic. Seventeen stages feature, spread across five zones, while boss battles and a handful of mini-games should help induce variety.

Throughout, skins can be unlocked, with many based on other Brazilian indie games. We wonder if we’ll see Bem Feito’s anti-hero pop up.

Published by QUbyte, look out for Racco Venture on December 14th.