Quack attack! Colourful and comical hack ‘n slasher ‘What the Duck’ is out now

Brazil-based Seize Studios’ What the Duck – out today on Switch and PC – blends together several genres, with a sprinkling of silliness for good measure.

It’s a hack ‘n slash adventure at its core, but also features RPG elements, crafting, four different biomes to explore, and rhythm action mini-games that forge new weapons – with your performance affecting weapon strength.

It gets its peculiar name from the hero’s ability to summon a fluffy duck. The yellow fellow can reach higher areas, uncover secrets, solve puzzles, swim, and fly. A surprisingly versatile ally.

The story is one of revenge and self-acceptance, as you try and make a name for yourself in a world where other people’s summonable animals take the form of much larger and stronger creatures than your own.

Published by Untold Tales, look out for What the Duck on Steam and the Switch eShop.