A hand-drawn beat’em up starring The Phantom launches next year

Melbourne-based Art of Play is in possession of The Phantom license, with work well underway on a multiformat hand-drawn scrolling beat’em up based on the purple-clad crime fighter.

While not quite as well-known as Batman and Superman, The Phantom did in fact debut around the same time as DC’s caped duo – the first strip hit newspapers in 1936. The hero saw a resurgence during the ‘90s, appearing in the Defenders of the Earth cartoon and starring in his own movie.

The 1994 Phantom 2040 cartoon series also led to video game adaptations for the SNES, Mega Drive, and Game Gear. Art of Play’s brawler the first video game based on ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ in almost thirty years.

Getting back on track, The Phantom features 15 stages, co-op play – with Diana Palmer fighting alongside to stop the pirates of the Singh Brotherhood – and animation from DC/Marvel artists. Rather than retell a storyline from The Phantom’s extensive past, a fresh yarn is being spun.  

It’s also due both digitally and at retail, with physical releases planned for consoles. PC owners will have to make do with a Steam release, with the page now live.