IREM Collection Vol. 3 will include Mr. Heli, Mystic Riders, and Dragon Breed 

We’re still waiting for the first IREM Collection to release, announced back in May, but that hasn’t stopped publisher ININ from confirming the contents of the third volume. No, they aren’t jumping the gun – the plan has always been to release five volumes in 2024.

IREM Collection Vol. 3 will include the arcade shooters Mr. Heli, Mystic Riders, and Dragon Breed. Physical editions will be available from Strictly Limited Games with pre-orders starting today.

Mr. Heli, also known as Battle Chopper, first launched in Japanese arcades in 1987 and starred a little-legged orange helicopter. This collection will include both the Arcade M-92 version and the 1989 PC Engine/Turbo Grafx version.

IREM Collection Vol. 3 screenshot

1992’s Mystic Riders came from the team behind Hammerin’ Harry and takes place in a fantasy realm with magic. It stars two playable characters – wizard Mark and the witch Zeal – and allows for co-op play.

Dragon Breed, meanwhile, puts a screen-filling dragon at your control. Worry not – only the rider can take damage. The dragon merely absorbs bullets and crushes foes. Some light run ‘n gun action makes for a thrilling ride.

All three will include quick saves, a rewind tool, screen filters, and online leaderboards.

For those curious, IREM Collection Vol.1 will include Image Fight, Image Fight II, and X-Multiply, while Vol.2 has GunForce, GunForce II, and Air Duel. Look out for them on the digital stores early next year.