The Dreamcast’s Rainbow Cotton gains a HD re-release next spring

It would be great to see more Dreamcast HD re-releases. The system had an excellent library, and games with arcade-style gameplay are often timeless.

Luck would have it there is at least one on the horizon – ININ and Success are remastering the 3D shooter Rainbow Cotton, which never made it outside of Japan back in 2000. It, essentially, took everything that made Panorama Cotton great and transferred it into 3D.

The story sees the broomstick-riding witch out to retrieve the Legendary Willow from a demon known as Tweed, with the help of her fairy friend Silk.

Rainbow Cotton HD

The dedicated ‘retro mode’ aims to be a faithful recreation of the original. The controls and lock-on function are being improved, cut scenes localised, and the graphics improved with particle effects and other flourishes. It’s our understanding that the original had control issues, so it’s pleasing to see an attempt at a fix here.

Look out for it on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch next spring. Strictly Limited Games are also preparing limited collector’s editions with pre-orders going live on September 21st.

Right, who currently owns the rights to Blue Stinger and Pen Pen?