Bubble Ghost Remake news update – demos coming soon

Back in May it was revealed that a remake of the Game Boy classic Bubble Ghost was underway, but for whatever reason, that announcement escaped us.  

Spanish publisher Selecta Play has had more to share today, revealing that renowned illustrator Ken Niimura will be providing artwork. Demos for both the PC and Switch versions are coming soon, too.

The original Bubble Ghost was relatively well known – rather than being a straightlaced 2D platformer, it instead saw the titular ghost carefully guiding a bubble over hazards by blowing on it gently. If you ever owned a GB multi-cart, it undoubtedly featured – it was one of the first GB games, and consequently small in memory size.

The story sees famed inventor Heinrich Von Schinker return as a spirit – over the course of the adventure, you’ll discover why he’s become this ethereal being. Heinrich’s wife Sofia also stars, known for her musical talents.

This remake will offer story, arcade, challenge, and speedrun modes, along with a ‘hall of fame’ to stake your claim. Over 40 stages will feature in total, with bosses to battle along the way.

VIDIBOND GAMES’ Bubble Ghost Remake is set to haunt Switch and PC next year.

Here’s a couple of trailers to tide you over until then:

Bubble Ghost Remake – Teaser (Switch)

Bubble Ghost Remake – ‘Game Boy’ Teaser