Detained: Too Good for School brings the smackdown to Swinster City

The three-man team behind The Vagrant have revealed Detained: Too Good for School – a scrolling beat’em up that lets you break noses as well as hearts.

The story is one of revenge, with our angsty schoolgirl protagonist out to harm those who killed her brother. Classes and the gym must be attended during the day. Then, at night, side quests become available while you clean the streets of hooligans.

A branching narrative allows for eight potentially romanceable partners who can join you in battle. Decisions made will impact the story with a dozen endings to discover – it’s possible to become either a villain or a hero, ridding the city of thugs or becoming a new criminal kingpin.

Combat is said to be fast paced, with 90 upgrades to unlock and experiment with.

“What we kept hearing from thousands of fans of our last title The Vagrant was that they loved the combat, but wanted more options and things to do,” says Canlin Liu, Producer at O.T.K. Games. “So we took the combat engine from The Vagrant and made it feel even better, with more creative ways to pummel enemies and even more reasons to do so in the expansive world.”

Detained: Too Good for School runs riot on PC next year.