The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood review

In the heart of the cosmos, nestled on a remote asteroid shrouded in the velvety embrace of space, resides Fortuna, an enigmatic witch exiled for a millennium. Her transgression? A forbidden prophecy of her coven’s downfall unveiled through the mystique of divination — the timeless art of reading tarot cards. Condemned to eternal isolation, she grapples with the weight of her vision, each passing moment echoing the impending fate of her sisters.

Alone on her celestial refuge, Fortuna’s punishment cuts deep. Stripped of her prophetic deck, she confronts her actions in solitude, a lone star amidst the inky canvas of the universe. With two centuries of solitude weighing heavily, Fortuna’s spirit clings on, though desperate. She unleashes a daring curse that casts ripples across the cosmic tapestry, beckoning forth a formidable Behemoth from the cosmic abyss. It is a creature of ancient power and hidden wisdom, eager to bestow upon her secrets long obscured by time – at a significant cost.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood screenshot

As they forge an unlikely alliance, the Behemoth unveils to Fortuna the alchemy of crafting her own cards — each a potent vessel of insight, more illuminating than the tarot she once wielded. Through their collaboration, a seeress of unparalleled prowess emerges. Yet, shadows of uncertainty still dance upon the horizon. Will her power alter the tapestry of her destiny, or intertwine her further with the demise of the coven?

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood unfolds amidst the constellations, in a narrative journey guided by hands that shape destinies. With each card turned, a new layer of the enigma that is the future is unveiled.

The experience is thoughtfully divided into different chapters, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of Fortuna’s journey. At the heart of this experience lies the unique partnership with the Behemoth, a powerful being who guides Fortuna to fulfil her own purpose and create her own new deck of cards. Through a creative process that combines background elements, Arcane characters, and elemental symbols, players not only shape the card’s image but also its significance. This fusion of creativity and divination adds depth to the gameplay, offering a novel approach to card-based mechanics.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood screenshot

However, as Fortuna delves deeper into this newfound magic, she finds herself ensnared in the consequences of the unbreakable contract with the Behemoth. They are as profound as they are potentially perilous. The game daringly prompts players to confront thought-provoking questions, probing the boundaries of their personality and the sacrifices they’re willing to make for a greater good and forming the basis of the contract with him. With no safety net of save-scumming, choices become irrevocable, each resonating throughout the narrative and influencing the trajectory of Fortuna’s future.

We delve into the intricate web of fate, where the lines between divination, self-fulfilling prophecy, and manifestation blur. Fortuna’s journey, guided by player choices, weaves a tale where the burdens she’s willing to bear and the sacrifices she’s prepared to make take on a life of their own.

As the story unfolds, the fall of the coven takes on an unforeseen dimension, transforming into a nuanced political struggle. Fortuna’s journey becomes a dynamic exploration of power, alliances, and the intricate dance of leadership. The emergence of factions within the coven introduces a level of complexity that extends beyond mystical realms, echoing the very dynamics of real-world politics. In this unexpected twist, the game transcends its initial premise, offering players an opportunity to navigate a web of intrigue and decision-making that goes beyond mere magical incantations.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood screenshot

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood shines with an aura of authenticity that’s impossible to ignore. It’s abundantly clear that the game’s creators hold a profound understanding of the importance of representation and the search for belonging which (will come as no surprise with Anita Sarkeesian in the credits.) For those who resonate deeply with the themes and stories it presents, the game transforms from entertainment into a reflective mirror that captures their essence with tenderness and celebrates their journey without hesitation.

It doesn’t just present a narrative — it presents a path to empowerment. It’s an invitation to celebrate every facet of identity, embracing it with open arms and an open heart and mind.

Devolver Digital’s The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is out now on PC and Switch. Developed by Deconstructeam.