Introducing 34EVERLAST – a ten-minute looping action game with 30+ routes

PLAYISM will be publishing 34EVERLAST – a ten-minute “super condensed” action game that’s “specially designed for busy working adults.”

This Unreal Engine powered affair sees the world ending…only, you’re somehow caught in a loop. It mixes combat, action adventure, boss battles, and escape room sensibility to create something with 30+ routes to find and explore until the true ending unlocks.

It won’t have a tutorial or any ‘Game Over’ screens either.

Rather than merely having branching paths, it sounds as if your actions will alter routes. If you lose one boss battle, the next battle will pan out differently. Making it rain will also turn deserts into forests, and so forth. Ten stages are promised, all affected by actions performed in another.

Kanata Lab’s Ogami shared some words in the press release:

“The idea behind 34EVERLAST is to make an action-adventure game that can provide a dense experience in a short period of time. In this game, you’ll fight in a world that keeps looping, and gradually unravel a grand story and its mysteries.

The story splits according to the player’s choices, and the possibilities are endless, which guarantees that the game is just as fun no matter how many times you play it.

A game that you can play even on your busiest days and still be deeply moving and grant a huge sense of accomplishment—that’s 34EVERLAST.”

It’s coming to Steam and undisclosed other formats next year.