Taito’s 2005 platformer Spica Adventure comes to consoles next year

Remember publisher ININ’s claim that Parasol Stars news was imminent? Well, today is the day.

The 2005 Taito arcade game Spica Adventure – originally released in Japan only – is set to gain a console re-release early next year, with physical releases available to pre-order in November.

While not a direct sequel to Parasol Stars, this 2D platformer is often seen as a spiritual successor due to the heroine, Nico, carrying a parasol that can be used to jab enemies, deflect projectiles, and even be used for traversal. Spending too long in one spot summons a robot, putting a focus on dashing through stages quickly while mastering the parasol’s abilities.

It sports a bold and cartoony aesthetic, not looking dissimilar to Mr. Driller. Other Taito characters make cameo appearances, with Space Invaders showing up at one point. Or rather, the characters depicted in Space Invaders’ artwork.

Online leaderboards will also feature in this re-release. Look out for it early next year on all formats.