Quake II re-release available now, includes the N64 version and a new campaign

Ahead of this weekend’s Quakecon, Bethesda has released an “authentic, enhanced, and complete” version of Quake II onto the digital storefronts – including PSN and the Switch eShop.

It’s available for £7.99, or as part of Xbox Game Pass. 

Calling it a “complete” package is no exaggeration – it even includes the N64 version of Quake II, which featured ten deathmatch arenas and its own soundtrack. That’s a nice bonus.

Included are The Reckoning and Ground Zero mission packs, along with a new expansion titled Call of The Machine created by Machine Games. Spread across 28 levels, it involves finding and destroying the Strogg-Maker. A single new deathmatch arena also features.

Incidentally, this package has crossplay support for 16-player online multiplayer and bot functionality.

Quake II Xbox screenshot

The Xbox One version supports 4 player split-screen, while the Xbox Series version allows for 8 player split-screen. The PS4/PS5 and Switch versions support 4 player split screen only, but both have gyro aiming.

Enhancements include (up to) 4K resolution, widescreen support, improved gore and animations, enhanced cinematics, anti-aliasing, and “restored” AI behaviours.

This isn’t the first time Quake II has gained a HD release. The first print run of Quake IV on Xbox 360 included Quake II HD on a bonus disc, effectively making it a little-known Xbox 360 launch title.