Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, Rainbow Skies, Running Fable, Broforce Forever, and Sven – Completely Screwed hit the Switch

A bug squashing delay hit the grappling RPG adventure WrestleQuest at the very last minute, pushing it back a fortnight. It’s still a relatively busy week for new Switch releases regardless, with half a dozen games to mull over.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical combines adventure and music. You play as Grace, who has recently gained the power of music from The Last Muse. With her newfound skill, she must engage in celestial battles with twisted beings known as Chorus – all while making new friends, and dispelling rumours that the death of The Last Muse was her fault.

If you prefer RPGs without singing and dancing, there’s Rainbow Skies – an isometric strategic affair with turn-based battles, dungeons, and tameable monsters. It features a fishing mini-game too, along with treasure hunting.

Rainbow Skies Switch screenshot

Then there’s Skábma – Snowfall, a 3D puzzle platformer set in the Nordic countryside and inspired by indigenous Sámi culture. After a disease spreads across the land, Áilu finds an old enchanted drum and must use it to reveal invisible elements across the arctic terrane, while seeking powerful spirits.

Mondealy, meanwhile, takes place in a 2D top-down fantasy world. Our hero finds themselves in an underground kingdom called Dargratt, where they start to forge friendships and rivalries with the kookie inhabitants.

2014’s bro-filled pixel art run ‘n gunner Broforce gains its final Broforce Forever update too, adding six more bros. Sven – Completely Screwed couldn’t be any more different, involving a raunchy ram trying to satisfy their flock. It’s “spunkier and hotter than ever before,” apparently.

Other new releases include the multiplayer racer Running Fable – think Sonic R, and Rayman Rush – the USSR-set interactive short story Bright Lights of Svetlov, retro throwback sports sim Legend Bowl, and the zombie survival game Organ Trail Complete Edition. The board game Mouse Trap gains a digital iteration too. Finally, no more fiddling with that stupid plastic cage.

[Update: Quake II is available now for £7.99, featuring a new campaign and gyro aiming]

New Switch eShop releases

Skábma – Snowfall Switch screenshot

Skabma – Snowfall – £22.49

Skábma – Snowfall is a never before seen representation of indigenous Sámi stories and culture. Explore Nordic beauty in a world where the old northern campfire tales come alive! Use your wits to solve environmental puzzles and platforming challenges in this narrative 3rd person adventure.

Quake II – £7.99

Developed by id Software in 1997, Quake II is a critically acclaimed first-person shooter that introduces an entirely new science fiction narrative and setting. Now, experience the authentic, enhanced and complete version of the original.

Mondealy – £10.99

In the fantasy world of Mondealy, one beautiful night, you find yourself in an underground kingdom called Dargratt. You quickly get to know its inhabitants and even the princess herself, with whom, later on, there are many adventures to be had. You can learn many details about the characters, their relationships and the world itself. So what misfortunes may await the characters in such a magical and picturesque kingdom?

LEGEND BOWL – £22.49

LEGEND BOWL brings you back to the glory days of pixel style football games of the past! Enjoy a hybrid of arcade-style football and simulation aspects on and off the field. Fully customize players and teams to create an endless amount of variety in your league. Take to the gridiron, where sim-based controls with challenging gameplay mechanics bring the fight to your doorstep! Legend Bowl includes an Exhibition Mode, Tournament Mode, Franchise Mode, Training Camp Mode, and a boat load of customization options. Will you rise to the top of the Legend Bowl?

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical – £24.99

In a modern fantasy world, college dropout Grace is granted the power of a Muse – power she’ll need to find out the truth behind her predecessor’s death before time runs out. You’ll decide who Grace allies with, who she can trust, and who may betray her in this beautifully hand-illustrated roleplaying musical.

Written by David Gaider comes Stray Gods – an urban fantasy tale of finding your place, taking charge of your fate, and discovering answers. Your choices will change the endings, as well as the path you take to get there.

A compelling story of hope, self-discovery, and forging your path.

Rainbow Skies – £17.99

Rainbow Skies is a strategy RPG presented in vibrant isometric style! Immerse yourself in a colorful world filled to the brim with murky dungeons and traditional turn-based battles. Tamable monsters and a variety of weapons, equipment and skills offer you a wide range of customization and character development possibilities. Tons of side quests, lively towns and exciting secrets to discover will keep you coming back for more!

Bright Lights of Svetlov – £8.99

Panel houses, ordinary repetitive jobs, boring household activities. Take a look at the life of the most ordinary family, and become a witness to the difficulties that it will face.

Sonar Beat – £2.29

Your most valuable ally is rhythm. Your super secret nuclear submarine is under attack and only the most intense musical defense can save it! Boost your senses and launch a counter-attack to the music to save yourself.

Sven – Completely Screwed

Crack the whip! Finally, there’s a new Sven Bømwøllen game to get it on with! It’s gettin’ hot in here, because here he COMES again! After a 16-year long beauty sleep, the black ram is back to plough the fields with renewed energy. But not that of the senile shepherd Lars, but of his countless other sheep. Because after such a long wait, Sven has built up pressure. A lot of pressure!

Discover over 25 ways to dance the horizontal tango, churn the butter and plant the parsnips. Not only Sven has needs after such a long time: The sheep are also just waiting eagerly to finally be seduced again. The longer they have not been satisfied, the more frustrated they get. So Sven is doubly motivated to knead the dough and put the bread in the oven.

But beware of shepherd Lars and his attentive dog Wotan, because they both guard the flock with watchful eyes. If they catch Sven on his love odyssey, it’s high time to scram. If they catch him, all the fun and games are over.

Broforce Forever

2015’s Broforce gets a massive free “Broforce Forever” update that adds new characters, an expanded campaign, and more.

Acceptance – £5.99

A story-driven psychological thriller about the horrific consequences of a loved one’s suicide.

After the tragedy of his wife’s suicide, an office worker must process the horrific events surrounding the incident. Experience haunting characterizations of five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance in this atmospheric 2D psychological thriller.

The story focuses on the social issue of suicide and explores relationships with people who are at risk.

World Spin – £2.97

Hand out the Joy-Con™ controllers and battle with up to four players!

The person who can clear the various stages fastest wins.

Finish as fast as you can in this five-set match!

Mysterious Adventure of Michael – £1.79

Mysterious Adventure of Michael is a 2D side-scrolling action game.

Let’s explore the dream world inhabited by various creatures.

Simple action to defeat enemies by jumping and stepping on them.

Collect Dream Stars to conquer all stages.

Pipe Dream – £3.19

This 2D platform game where we manage our little character will make you feel different from the platform games you know! In this game where we progress chapter by chapter, we are trying to reach the places requested from us by using the pipes extending from the ledges or trying to catch the keys placed in certain places. As you progress, not only the distance the pipes have to travel increases, but also the pipes are in different colors and need to be placed according to the correct color design, making your game more difficult but more enjoyable! Taste the different and varied level designs and try to progress with the right strategies!

Zombie Soup – £16.99

The Game – Your Favourite Stew, Guaranteed!

So you want to know what’s in Zombie Soup?

Of course the main ingredient would be some awesome top-down twin-stick shooting with a moderate amount of the cliché “damsel in distress” story, add a pinch of puzzle-solving, sprinkle some classic hack-and-slash actions, and stir with all the deadly zombies and god-knows-what creatures, resulting in a satisfyingly intense and exciting gameplay experience!

Wild Legion – £20.69

In the wilderness, you can use different weapons, fight with countless monsters from all directions, constantly collect materials and gold coins, buy different weapons, equipment, spells, and stack Buffs with different functions to make yourself stronger and stronger, so as to defeat the monsters coming in like a tide. Collect different materials, make grenades and bombs, build their own turrets, and form an invincible position by constantly strengthening the turrets. When you become stronger, have a final showdown with the enemy’s Boss!

The Rewinder – £11.29

The Rewinder is a 2D puzzle adventure game inspired by traditional Chinese folklore.

The game uses pixel art to mimic the aesthetics of Chinese ink paintings. Players will get to meet mythological figures such as the Spirit Wardens, the Ox-head and Horse-face Guardians of the Beyond, and the Tudi Gong (Keeper of the Land).

The player takes on the role of Yun, a “rewinder” who has the ability to enter people’s memories and influence their actions. By utilizing “senses” and swaying others’ “intentions”, he can change history.

At the request of the Spirit Wardens, Yun goes to a small village to investigate why a spirit couldn’t be reincarnated. The once thriving village has been deserted and filled with resentful spirits, leaving one woman alone in the teahouse. Who’s she waiting for? Where did all the other villagers go? What really happened seven years ago?

Neon Blight – £16.75

Welcome to the cyberpunk future of Neon Blight. As the new owner of a cyberpunk gun shop, it’s your job to provide the throng of wannabe heroes with the weapons they need to succeed in the fight against the megacorporations that rule the world. Enter the world of cutthroat competition, merciless rivalry, and boundless exploration as a fixer.

You provide the cyberpunks of your age with the weapons and equipment they need. Operate your very own gun store, fight through seemingly endless waves of enemies, and acquire the ultimate weapon by making your way through the Outer Border and the throng of enemies bent on keeping you away from your ultimate goal.

Witch’s Garden – £33.50

“Witch’s Garden” is a fantastical romance adventure game created by Windmill Oasis, a renowned Japanese game developer specializing in beautiful girl games, to commemorate their 10th anniversary since the brand’s establishment. This title is groundbreaking in the industry as it was the first to incorporate a dynamic pose art presentation system called E-mote, shaking up the industry upon its announcement and receiving numerous awards at the Beautiful Girl Game Awards.

Organ Trail Complete Edition – £8.99

Organ Trail Complete Edition includes the Endless Expansion and the new Final Cut Expansion!

Organ Trail is a retro zombie survival game. Travel westward in a station wagon with 4 other survivors, scavenging for supplies and fending off the undead. Packed full of zombie mechanics, themes and references this is a must have for any zombie survival fans.

The Final Cut & Endless Expansions more than double the content and adds co-op play, loads of new boss fights, zombies, unlockable characters and cars, new ways to die with a radiation mechanic and the ability to choose-your-own-route.

Mouse Trap – The Board Game – £19.99

Are you ready? Welcome to the cheese board of your dreams. Choose your mouse, your outfit, and GO! Strategise as you play. PICK-UP cheese, STEAL cheese, HOARD cheese, and WIN with the MOST cheese! When your friends get too bold, trigger the action contraption and watch the famous chain reaction unfold. Will it work? Hold your breath and feel the tension!

Chickenoidz Super Party – £8.99

Smash your opponents to smithereens, rip everything around you to shreds. Ruffle some feathers and become the ultimate winner of chicken battles!

Anthology of Fear – £8.09

After months of investigations, no one has been able to locate your brother. When all hope for help is lost, you take matters into your own hands.

Discover the story chapter by chapter, with each one unveiling their common tragedy.

Explore embodied horrors of human consciousness and fight your way through them to find your brother.

Your personal investigation leads you into an abandoned medical facility. Gradually, you discover its disturbing past, as well as what happened to people associated with it.

Delve into the memories of people associated with your brother’s disappearance. Experience the unexplainable, survive the unimaginable, and put the pieces together.

Avoid the dangers waiting for you on your way to the truth. Interact with your surroundings and take part in surreal experiences which may help you understand what happened.

Fluffy Milo – £4.49

Embark on a pushing puzzle adventure through the seasons in Fluffy Milo! Featuring 60 stages of casual brainteasing fun presented in top-down 3D style, Fluffy Milo puts you in control of an adorable feline as you help him fill his bowls with delicious milk. Things start simple on a small arrangement of tiles with a single milk jug and one bowl, then get progressively larger and harder as you progress.

For every 15 stages you clear, your surroundings will change from tropical themes and forests to snowy fields as the seasons shift. Will you help Milo satisfy his milk cravings?

Unidentified Falling Objects – £13.29

Players are dropped into the puzzle where they must dodge the falling obstacles and destroy blocks to make big combos. Many different things will fall from above, and the player must act quickly to remove them to level up and get the highest score. Compete for highscores or play with friends in local and online multiplayer modes.

Running Fable – £6.79

Running Fable presents a new take on the racing genre, adding a fresh item placement mechanic that enhances the experience from just going from point A to B, while keeping rounds fast-paced.

Next week: Red Dead Redemption, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Moving Out 2, Vampire Survivors, Quantum: Recharged, Chrome Wolf, Aery – Flow of Time, Neko Journey, Embraced By Autumn, Cat’s Cosmic Atlas, Summer Valley Hike, Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance, Die After Sunset, Marble It Up! Ultra, Duck Race, and A Castle Full of Cats.