GigaBash, Flutter Away, Adore, AKIBA’S TRIP Director’s Cut, Venba, Elypse, and Tiny Thor hit the Switch

It’s a pretty good week for new Switch eShop releases, with a lot to discover for those with an open mind. Yes, it’s one of those weeks where indie games get time to shine.

We can expect the arena-set monster brawler GigaBash, which sees titanic titans duke it out with blatant disregard for the cities they brawl in, the rainforest-set photography sim Flutter Away, the dark and gloomy Metroidvania Elypse, and the 16-bit style action platformer Tiny Thor.

Adore Switch screenshot

Then there’s Adore – a creature capturing top-down adventure where captured critters then fight alongside you – a director’s cut of AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed with new quests and all released DLC, and the highly praised narrative driven Indian cuisine cooking sim Venba. Don’t play that last one on an empty stomach!

Other releases include the retro shooter DeltaZeal, Slime Girl Smoothies – a puzzler with “juicy” images to unlock – the low poly survival horror Red Exile, and the comedic point ‘n clicker Ferris Mueller’s Day Off. We wonder if the developers originally sought to acquire the official license.

New Switch eShop releases

AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Switch screenshot

AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Director’s Cut – £26.99

Fight like a nerd to defend Akihabara from the diabolical Synthisters, artificial vampires that can only be defeated by stripping them down to their bare essentials.

•Kati Takes Center Stage

Experience the “true ending” of the game’s branching story for the first time in the all-new Kati’s Route. When a mysterious and malevolent force slumbering inside Kati awakens, will you be able to do whatever it takes to save her?

•Explore Akihabara

Your battlefield is Japan’s electronics mecca circa 2012-2013, with over 130 real-life shops accurately represented. Take side missions from the many offbeat residents of Akihabara, including quests brand-new to the Director’s Cut.

•Stylish Otaku Action

When you’re an otaku, anything from baseball bats to comics to motherboards can be a weapon. Plus, you can target and strip individual clothing items from enemies to add to your own inventory.

•Comes with previously released DLC!

All DLC costumes and equipment that appeared in the original AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed are included in the Director’s Cut, so you can hunt down Synthisters in style.

GigaBash – £20.69

GigaBash combines the chaos and creativity of arena brawlers with the jaw-dropping scale of classic kaiju movies and games. Play as either a rampaging Titan or a Titan-hunting mecha; summon lightning from the heavens, use a radio tower as a baton, or roll a whole district (and your enemies) into a single massive snowball. Wreak enough havoc and you’ll evolve into your final form, the terrifyingly titanic S-Class.

Venba – £13.49

Venba is a narrative cooking game where you play as an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Players will cook various dishes and restore lost recipes, hold branching conversations and explore in this story about family, love, loss and more.

Flutter Away – £10.99

Enjoy the serenity of the Amazon rainforest in this cozy short nature exploration game. As a butterfly researcher on a five-day camping trip, explore nearby tracks, take photos, meet animal friends, and journal the discoveries found along the way!

Adore – £17.99

Adore is a Monster-Taming Action game where the main character, Lukha, is able to summon and control creatures to fight by his side in a simple and innovative way!

In Adore, you can customize your gameplay according to the creatures you capture. Each of them has very different characteristics and abilities. Traits, Special Abilities and the Synergy System allows even more varied playstyles and powerful combos!

A Guidebook of Babel – £14.39

Across four chapters, you’ll need to go back in time and subtly rewrite history, trigger the butterfly effect, solve the puzzles hidden in it, and even change the future of Babel!

A World of Wonder

From the drenched deck to the bustling Central Station, the busy Memory Factory to the empty Giant Boiler…… Explore the Babel, meet panic-stricken humans and tough crew members, and investigate unprecedented instruments and strange creatures!

Alchemy POIPOI SS – £0.89

There was a hero in a certain country in a certain world.

One day, the hero was asked by the king to subjugate the demon king and set out on a journey.

However, the hero was very weak.

Hero-sama who can’t even defeat small fish enemies.

I will help you with alchemy.

Throw away the blocks and line up 3 or more blocks of the same color to get materials that can be used for alchemy.

Secret Summoner – £6.69


Little Hero has set out on a journey to teach misbehaving monsters a lesson. Worried for his safety, his mother and trusty canine secretly tag along. But can Little Hero and his clandestine companions truly restore peace to their land? An adventure of mother and child⁠—and pooch⁠—begins…

How to Play:

Various monsters stand in the way, but Little Hero is much too young to handle them all himself. Support him in being victorious by first weakening the monsters with your summoning powers. Little Hero will gain Confidence to defeat more monsters and grow stronger. Help Little Hero increase his level and prepare for the final boss showdown!

A Short Tale – £4.99

“For anyone who just wants to play a game chock-full of fun and unusual puzzles while exploring a charming and nostalgia-inducing environment, A Short Tale provides plenty of entertainment for a few hours” -AdventureGamers

It’s been years since I lost Ben, so long yet it doesn’t seem long enough. I never thought I’d return here, to where everything started. Where everything ended.

Something’s calling me back to his room though; a presence I have not felt since…

The Forgotten Room – £4.99

Play as paranormal investigator John “Buster of Ghosts” Murr as he explores yet another mysteriously creepy house.

This time he’s on the case of Evelyn Bright, a 10 year old girl that went missing whilst playing hide and seek with her father.

Will John solve the mystery of the missing girl and discover what really happened in the forgotten room? Tune in right now to find out!

Veritas – £9.99

Having volunteered to take part in a study conducted by Veritas Industries, you now find yourself waking up in a small room with no memory of what happened the day before.

The last thing you remember is signing on the dotted line and following some nice people wearing white coats, but they couldn’t have been lying to you could they? They were doctors for goodness sake…

Ferris Mueller’s Day Off – £4.99

Ferris Mueller’s Day Off —a point’n’click game from the creators of Forever Lost — is all about searching for a mule that is off sick. It’s full to the brim with clever puzzles, interesting characters, colourful locations and puns galore.

It is your role as the headteacher and owner of Ferris to find him and bring him back. Speak to the townspeople and solve puzzles to find the 9 golden carrots that Ferris has hidden for you to locate.

In the immortal words of a certain character, from a certain detention-based movie we’re not allowed to mention, “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”

Leafy Trails – £4.49

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Leafy Trail, a mesmerizing walking simulator that tells a silent story about a fox running through the serene landscapes. Let your worries melt away as you embark on a tranquil journey through lush forests, babbling brooks, and tranquil meadows.

Barony – £17.99

Hamlet is the greatest little city in the realm. That is, it was until the heinous Baron Herx came along and claimed the whole thing as his Barony. He enslaved Hamlet’s people and now he’s an awful undead lich. The whole town’s been trapped in his massive dungeon for decades and now it’s up to a single hero or a group of adventurers to confront him in his hellish lair and destroy him forever. Whether you will die in the dungeons or rise to victory against the Baron and his hellspawn is ultimately up to you. What did Baron Herx find in Hamlet, and will killing him be enough?

Elypse – £17.99

Every ten years, a sacrifice must be made to protect your people from the Abyss, a place as worshiped as it is feared… This time you were chosen and thrown into the darkness… Nobody has ever returned but perhaps you can achieve the impossible ?

Welcomed by Nyx, living alone with its boulders in a cave, you have survived for ten years. With his help you will try to reach a portal that could finally let you escape the depth of the Abyss in this metroidvania platformer.

Moolii’s Dreamland – £13.69

You play as Moolii, the little fox girl, who needs to fight her way out of the ever-ending nightmare in the forest.

Ranged & Melee

Start from 3 Basic bullets and earn up to 15 variation every step of the battle, upgrade stats and ultimates with every run.

Block and break defense with Moolii’s claws!!

Would you like to run an idol cafe? 3 – £9.99

When Yokoyama Naoya learns that his beloved Seaside Cafe is struggling on the brink of closure, he helps his cute friends Ichigo, Mayuki and Kuu form an idol group to help promote the cafe.

Their idol group is called Sweet Shoreline and their first music video is a massive viral success. Due to their newfound popularity, the group is invited to an idol competition in Tokyo. Will the girls be victorious, or will their rivals, Honey Devil, take them down?

The fate of Sweet Shoreline, and of The Seaside Café, rests, once again, upon Naoya’s shoulders.

The Red Exile – Survival Horror – £4.49

First-person survival horror gets a roguelike twist in The Red Exile, where every playthrough is randomized across a procedurally generated map to keep you on your toes while elements of hand-crafted puzzles and level design are layered within. Your task is to perform an exile rite to rid this realm of your maniac pursuer before he can kill you first.

Outsmart, evade and fend off your pursuer as you locate items to unlock new rooms and complete the ritual. But be careful, the AI-powered pursuer learns from the actions you take and gradually grows stronger! Collect perks to unlock new abilities and stack the deck in your favor. Can you adapt and survive this deadly game of cat and mouse?

Side Decide – £6.99

Each side of your wooden block features a different kind of shape and you can only roll onto a block with the corresponding shape and alignment. Rolling onto a circle allows you to rotate your cube, opening up branching pathways to help you achieve your goal. Teleporting, wildcards, and falling blocks all spice up the mix.

Complimenting the gameplay is a relaxing melodic soundscape that evolves as you progress through the levels and aim to reach a state of zen.

Can you achieve gold on all 121 levels?

LOST EGG 3: The Final – £2.49

A hard action adventure game about the fragility, bravery, and sometimes friendship of raw eggs.

Aim for the frying pan at the end of rolling through various stages with sad and touching melody.

TRAPPED in The Kanal – £8.09

This game is an escape-the-room game (mystery-adventure game).

*Point the screen with a cursor to solve riddles, and story goes on.

Death Becomes You – £7.99

Death Becomes You is a murder mystery visual novel set in a magical university. Who murdered your best friend?

You find 4 suspicious students at the scene. As all of them turn on you and accuse you of the murder, how can you find the truth and prove your innocence?

Untangle the reasons behind Lyra’s death by building friendships with 4 of your fellow magic students. What dark motives and complicated relationships will you discover?

Wizardry School: Escape Room – £9.89

The School Headmaster needs your help to recover the Philosopher’s Stone.

Wizardry School is an escape room that will put your wizard skills to the test. Solve puzzles, decipher magical artifacts, learn new spells, find hidden objects, and investigate the rooms of the wizardry school you study at.

You will have to overcome complex trials to recover the Philosopher’s Stone. Will you save the School?

MistWorld the after – £11.49

“MistWorld the after” is a classic-style RPG that takes place in a vast, open 3D field.

The story unfolds in the aftermath of “MistWorld,” but “MistWorld the after” can be enjoyed as a stand-alone title.

Brotato – £4.99

Brotato is a top-down arena shooter roguelite where you play a potato wielding up to 6 weapons at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. Choose from a variety of traits and items to create unique builds and survive until help arrives.

A spaceship from Potato World crashes onto an alien planet. The sole survivor: Brotato, the only potato capable of handling 6 weapons at the same time. Waiting to be rescued by his mates, Brotato must survive in this hostile environment.


The graphics that embrace the elaborate pixel art techniques of the 1990s.

Shots and bombs, and the power-up system that inherits the virtue of the classic shmup.

Newly recorded gameplay commentary by the developer, who also looks back and reveals what was in his eyes and on his mind at the time of development!

Slime Girl Smoothies – £13.49

Enjoy a fresh blend of puzzle mechanics and character interplay as you visit Slimy’s bar, where all the lovely hostesses are slime girls with their own unique way of serving up drinks! Slime Girl Smoothies unites dating sim interaction and dialogue with puzzle elements where you act as a new floor manager at the bar, working with the girls to create wacky drink combinations and watching them entertain with their mixing skills! Every girl is passionately voiced, whether it’s Berry and her daughter Cherry or coworkers Mint and Plum!

As drink orders come in, take your time making selections and getting the formula right, then enjoy the show! As you progress, you’ll talk with the girls and make new memories with them. Every few shifts, they’ll get crazier than usual and let their slime girl freak flags fly, unlocking new images to collect. With more than 100 frames of animation and 20 CGs to discover, Slime Girl Smoothies offers a full menu of flavorful content to keep you coming back!

X-Force Under Attack – £10.00

X-Force Under Attack is the sequel to the X-Force Genesis game. In this game, the X-Force squad will fight to prevent General Lava and his troops from invading and dominating the planet Genesis

Cooking Arena – £4.49

Your journey starts with Food Truck Tycoon, a feast of fun that will have you chopping, grilling, and sizzling your way through hundreds of unique dishes.

But remember, the journey of a thousand dishes just begins!

As you master your culinary skills and make your food truck the talk of the town, you’ll have the opportunity to step up to the plate and explore more gourmet games as DLCs.

Customize your kitchen with countless upgrades and serve your delectable dishes in various settings. Keep the grills sizzling and your customers smiling as you sauté, stir, and serve your way to the top.

Farm Frenzy: Refreshed – £8.99

The time has come for the legendary game to get the second life. Farm Frenzy is back and it’s for real – the world famous arcade time management sim franchise is coming to consoles for the first time as a special Refreshed Edition! Time to get your own virtual barn with plenty of livestock to take care of.

Everyone’s favorite casual “farming game” appears before players in a new guise to give a unique experience of the most exciting and popular economic simulator! This time, “Farm Frenzy” came out in three-dimensional space, and all this in order for you to get the maximum pleasure from the game! Trust us, you’ve earned the luxuries of farming daily leisure.

Tiny Thor – £16.75

Tiny Thor features 16-bit graphics and gameplay centered around using Mjölnir, leading our Norse hero through challenging levels filled with all kinds of obstacles. It offers tight controls, fast-paced action and an experience tinged with nostalgia.

Tiny Thor Switch screenshot

Next week: WrestleQuest, LEGEND BOWL, Rainbow Skies, Broforce Forever, 30XX, Bright Lights of Svetlov, Mondealy, Skabma – Snowfall, Wild Legion, The Rewinder, Neon Blight, Witch’s Garden, Organ Trail Complete Edition, Sonar Beat, Acceptance, Chickenoidz Super Party, Fluffy Milo, Running Fable, and Zombie Soup.