Evercade Showcase Vol. 2 reveals four new carts

Four new Evercade cartridges have been revealed, all due later this year and featuring a combination of indie games new and old. Blaze’s latest presentation certainly included a few surprises, such as the first ever Evercade single game cart, and a release of Giants’ Farming Simulator demake.

That standalone game cart is Full Void, a visually impressive cinematic 2D action platformer similar to Flashback and Another World, which was released on Steam just a week ago. Blaze are going all-in on this one, even giving it the Special Edition treatment with stickers and an art book. Both the regular and SE version will also include a prologue comic. The standard version will cost £17.99, while the SE is limited to select retailers and is priced at £24.99. Both are due in October.

Then there’s Home Computer Heroes, with a bunch of homebrew computer games varying from such systems as the C64 to MSX2. Titles included are The Attack of the PETSCII Robots Planet and Planet X2 by David Murray, the C64 version of Giants’ Farming Simulator, Amiga games Citadel Remonstered, Bridge Strike and Tanks Furry, plus the MSX2 adventure The Sword of Ianna. Look out for it in October.

This leaves us with two new dual carts. The first is Goodboy Galaxy and Witch n’ Wiz – a paring of a 32-bit 2D platformer with colourful and smoothly animated visuals, and a C64 puzzler. The second cart includes Neofid studio’s Demons of Asteborg and Astebros – two Mega Drive titles, with the former being an action platformer with Metroidvania elements, and the latter being a randomised side-scrolling dungeon crawler. Astebros also features two player support for Evercade Vs. owners. Both cartridges will be available in December.

Farming Simulator on Evercade. Who would have thunk it, eh?