Explore the origins of King Kong in Skull Island: Rise of Kong

A new King Kong game is long overdue, with the last major tie-in being way back 2005. While the hairy titan did show up during a Call of Duty: Warzone season, that doesn’t really count. The same goes for the Godzilla vs. Kong mobile game. The giant gorilla deserves a giant video game.

It’s too early to tell if Skull Island: Rise of Kong will fit that bill – it comes from Chilian developer IguanaBee, best known for the mediocre GI Joe: Blackout, and is set to be published on PC and consoles via GameMill at a £34.99 price point. With all this in mind, probably wise to hope for something dumb but fun – and if it’s anything more than that, then consider it a bonus.

The story explores Kong’s origins, as he set out to avenge his parent’s death by defeating the saurian terror Gaw and conquering his minions. This will take Kong through mountains, jungles, swamps, and caves – gaining new abilities, scaling new heights, and performing combos and finishers on those who stand in his way. The trailer suggests we can expect a varied roster of adversaries.

A £44.99 Colossal Edition will also be available at launch, including movie grain style filters, a choice of colours for Kong, a boss rush mode, and some behind-the-scenes extras.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong will leave its footprint on the gaming landscape later this year. Around Christmas time seems a reasonable guess.