Pikmin 4, NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Awakening, Punch Club 2, Cross Tails, and REMEDIUM: Sentinels hit the Switch

This Friday, Switch owners can finally p-p-pick up Pikmin 4. Arguably the biggest release of the summer, critics are almost entirely in agreement that it’s a franchise high note – a culmination of everything that came before it, and now more accessible than before. The relaxed difficulty level does reportedly come at a cost, though, with this also being the easiest entry in the series.

The Metacritic score currently sits at 88%, including top marks from a handful of outlets such as Eurogamer and Pocket Tactics.

“Pikmin 4 fills itself and your time with a rich array of things to do, things to find, goals to chase and places to explore. It may start slow, but when it all comes together, it really does sing,” said EG.

The Switch gains one other full-price release this week – Koei Tecmo’s strategic battler NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Awakening, which celebrates the franchise’s 40th anniversary. Nintendo Life opted for a 7/10. “The Switch version is far from perfect, but if you’re willing to work with it, there’s a rich, deep, addictive strategy sim to get lost in here,” they said.

Fans of strategic games are quite well catered for this week, with Might & Magic – Clash of Heroes: Definitive Edition – an XBLA/PSN revival – and Kemco’s warring state RPG Cross Tails due.

Pocket Tactics also enjoyed Frank & Drake, a modern gothic adventure involving two roommates. “Frank and Drake is definitely a good choice for anyone who’s a fan of environmental story-telling, inventive narratives, and unraveling mysteries of the supernatural persuasion,” was their verdict.

Then there’s Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, a simulation game where you manage your time and funds while trying to top the fighting leagues – all with a dollop of ‘80s nostalgia. We were quite fond of the original, and this looks like a big improvement.

Would you believe a trio of Vampire Survivors clones are imminent? REMEDIUM: Sentinels, Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde, and Whispike Survivors are all set to arrive at impulse price points, hoping to repeat the success of the mega indie hit.

We can also expect the acrobatic rogue-lite shooter Madshot, enhanced re-releases of the abstract adventures LISA: The Painful and LISA: The Joyful, the manic farming game Agriculture, and Sephonie – a 3D platformer entailing a trio of scientists exploring an extraterrestrial island. What could possibly go wrong?

New Switch eShop releases

NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Awakening – £49.99

Accomplish Nobunaga Oda’s unrealized ambition to unify Japan!

Players are supported by faithful retainers who act on their own judgement. The “Dominion” system will allow you to obtain and grant territory to retainers. In return, retainers who are given the land will dedicate themselves to the development of the clan. Divvy up and parcel out the beautifully detailed Warring States Japan as you like, and make it prosper!

Over 2,200 officers will be included, the greatest number in the series. Come together with highly individualistic retainers and move history!

Pikmin 4 – £49.99

On a peculiar far away planet, a group of space travellers are stranded and awaiting rescue. Are you the right rescuer for the job? Pick up their SOS signals and explore an uncharted world inhabited by a curious crop of creatures.

Thankfully, some of them are friends, not foes! Meet the Pikmin – these spirited helpers might be small in stature, but boast strength in numbers. Grow, gather and guide them to tackle tasks big and small.

Explore, hunt for treasure in vast open areas, battle wild critters, solve puzzles and rescue the stranded travellers together.

Might & Magic – Clash of Heroes: Definitive Edition – £15.99

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a unique mix of puzzle, strategy and RPG: Plan your every move and combine your attacks to defeat your enemies in matching puzzle inspired battle scenarios, upgrade your heroes and creatures to unleash increasingly devastating attacks onto your opponents, and let the strategic thinker in you lead your troops to victory.

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward – £17.99

Welcome to the Future of Punch Club!

You’ve spent your whole life living in the confines of your overbearing mothers garage, your father mysteriously vanished before you were born. But hey, you had plenty of time to work out and dream about the wonders of the world. Sucks to be you though, people eat slime, corruption is rife and everyone wants to fight you… But maybe you can find your father and become the ‘dark fist’ people whisper about, somehow you could actually be humanity’s savior, the one who uncovers the super secret secrets of the Goodness Corporation… Or not. It’s a choose your own adventure, stay in the garage if you want.

Madshot – £15.99

Slaughter your way to Cthulhu

There’s a multitude of areas that each offer unique enemies and mechanics.

Kill enough enemies to charge a blood portal that summons rewards and a path to the next area and then survive epic and dreadful multi-phased boss battles.

Create lethal combinations

There’s a big focus on synergies between Weapons, sidearms, upgrades, and ultimate abilities that you can combine to make each run unique and fun.

LISA: The Painful – Definitive Edition – £17.99

LISA: The Painful – Definitive Edition is the newly updated version of the original quirky side-scrolling RPG, set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Olathe. Beneath the charming and funny exterior is a world full of disgust and moral destruction. Players will learn what kind of person they are by being FORCED to make choices permanently affecting the gameplay. Make sacrifices to keep your party members alive, whether it’s taking a beating for them, losing limbs, or some other inhuman torture. In this world, you will learn being selfish and heartless is the only way to survive…

The Definitive Edition brings new content and nightmares to the game with HD graphics, party member campfire conversations, updated battle systems, new border art overlays, music player, painless (easy) mode, and new secrets to explore.

LISA: The Joyful – Definitive Edition – £8.99

LISA: The Joyful – Definitive Edition is the newly updated conclusion to the quirky side-scrolling RPG LISA series. Explore Olathe as Buddy in your quest to punish the world that has treated you wrong. Along the way, learn about Olathe, your family, and the monsters and men in power. The world’s out to get you… GET. IT. BACK.

The Definitive Edition brings fresh blood to the game with updated battle systems, 6 brand new Warlord skills, new border art overlays, music player, painless (easy) mode, and new secrets to explore.

Metal Storm X – £7.19

Immerse yourself in a world of relentless action as you battle through three distinct environments: industrial areas drenched in the glow of sunset, treacherous sewers, and mysterious forests filled with untold dangers. Armed with a powerful arsenal of weapons, you’ll confront cunning foot soldiers and colossal mechanical bosses, testing your skills and strategic acumen in epic showdowns. The hand-crafted pixel art graphics create a nostalgic and immersive experience, making every moment on the battlefield feel authentic and exhilarating.

Unravel the secrets of the conflict through an engaging storyline that unfolds throughout the game, keeping you hooked from start to finish. “Metal Storm X” delivers an unforgettable gaming experience that seamlessly combines classic arcade-style gameplay with breathtaking visuals, ensuring an adrenaline rush like no other!

Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde – £8.99

Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde is a rogue-lite, action game in which you fight huge waves of monsters using passive attacks and abilities. Slay thousands and thousands of endlessly encroaching monsters to stay alive! Collect souls to level up and to increase your power and abilities both in the field and in the Oracle’s vast, permanent upgrade system.

Become a god in minutes by learning the abilities you can obtain when you level up and how they grow in power. Combine many different powerful attacks to take down the hordes!

Death is just a state, The oracle will bring you back to fight another day.

Agriculture – £4.49

Farming takes patience, as everyone knows… unless you’re playing Agriculture, that is. Agriculture a fast-paced twist on beloved farming sim mechanics where the goal is to grow each stage’s required crops as quickly as you can using limited resources. Buy seeds and tool upgrades from the Shop to aid in your efforts but purchase responsibly and always keep your wallet in mind. If you run out of time or money before meeting the stage goals, you lose!

Do you have what it takes to master all 50 stages?

Lucy Got Problems – £7.99

Lucy, a greenhorn succubus spy, arrives in the elven forest totally unsure of her mission.

The only thing that’s clear is that Priestess Tiamat will be really mad if Lucy returns back empty-handed. Lucy has to figure something out quickly, or she’ll never make mistresses proud! And she’ll probably be fed to the sinister astral squids.

It’s time for Lucy to do the impossible, have fun, and save the day!

NightmareScape – £16.99

Hope Rests in your Dreams – Escape the dark whimsical dreamworld that has trapped you, search the realm for clues, and begin uncovering the truth of your reality.

Puzzle Through Pain – Along your journey, you will encounter puzzles that will attempt to thwart your progress. Use your wits and your spirit guide to help you overcome anything that gets in your way.

A Light in the Darkness – Control your dream spirit to assist you as a decoy, detect invisible pathways or items, and become keenly aware of threats that lie ahead.

Nightmares Made Real – Your subconscious creates the monsters you truly fear. Don’t let them or the shadows lurking catch you and keep you in the eternal nightmare.

Masquerade Kiss – £29.99

Who wins in the game of seduction? You’re an elite agent tasked with taking down the most corrupt people in the world.

However, your latest target may be your most challenging yet. His hand slips into your dress, fingers dangerously close to the wire hidden in your lingerie…

“You think you can take me? Go ahead, try.” You’re playing a dangerous game now, one without winners…

Haunted Hell House – £1.76

Haunted Hell House is a 2D horror adventure.

Find the key and move on while avoiding creepy clowns and traps.

The game includes Episode 1 starring four high school students and Episode 2 depicting a past incident that took place in the house.

Experience various gimmicks and enjoy the horror.

Wathitdew Record™ Game Studio BATTLEFIELD – £8.09

This turn-based JRPG-style battle game features a total of 20 playable characters and 12 stages, including unlockables. Dive into a variety of game modes, such as Classic Mode, Quick Game, and Boss Rush, or explore the Adventure Mode with a one-hour storyline that introduces a brand new antagonist. Activate the speedrun timer and challenge yourself to beat your best time in Adventure Mode!

Contraptions 3 – £5.99

How many steps does it take to change a light bulb? If your answer is 10 or more, then you are ready for “Contraptions” – a game where the goal is to fix whacky contraptions that perform simple tasks in indirect and convoluted ways, Rube Goldberg style.

Use camels as trampolines, champagne bottles as cannons, balloons to lift objects, fireworks wheels to drive conveyor belts, magnets to attract metal objects, and many more gadgets to solve the puzzles and clear the levels.

Punch a Bunch – £13.49

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Punch A Bunch, a highly engaging and thrilling boxing game that places a strong emphasis on player skill, demanding dedicated time and practice to truly reach mastery. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience as you step into the ring and face formidable opponents across three distinct championships, each presenting its own set of unique challenges and adversaries.

Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES – £8.59

Swap between Vulvehicles as you fight off oncoming enemies and defeat powerful stage bosses!

High firepower, guided weapons, long-range weapons, and high mobility…… Choose from 12 completely original vehicles specially made to match the fighting styles on the home planets of their drivers.

Seize victory through the strategic use of [Teleport Change]s, knowing when to fight and when to flight, and effectively balancing the precious resources of your Vulvehicles.

Cross Tails – £26.99

Immerse yourself in the gripping tale of Cross Tails, a tactical strategy RPG set in a war-ravaged world. For over a decade, the canine Kingdom of Ranverfurt and the feline Republic of Hidiq have clashed, their deep-rooted animosity etched in the memories of their people. Now, as a player, you will delve into a story-driven plot playable from both sides that ultimately unravels the secrets behind this conflict and the influence of an ominous third power.

Engage in turn-based battles on a 3D quarter view stage, strategically utilizing the terrain and character orientation. With a vast array of characters, each with their own classes, experience the freedom of character development through class changes, skill trees, and faith selection. Unleash the potential of over 30 classes, from sturdy knights to skilled archers, and strengthen weapons and armor using powerful runestones.

Shape the fate of two nations in Cross Tails, where captivating storytelling meets intense tactical combat!

BLEED: Arcade Arena Shooter – £8.99

Grab a heavier gun and go to the arena of the future, champion. The bloody arena is waiting for you!

You have to drop everything and immerse yourself in dynamic battles in bloody arenas for the title of Grand Arena Champion. Take on the challenge of diverse modes in the atmospheric alien arenas of the future.

Oaken – £17.99

The world of Oaken is a mythical place, existing in a not easily defined space and time. It is stretched among the branches of the Great Oak. Its inhabitants are spirits which listen to the same voice, called the Oak Song.

The loss of that voice starts a series of events leading into a struggle which may either heal or destroy the Great Oak.

Crowded Mysteries – £3.49

In Crowded Mysteries, you’re a detective in Mystery City, investigating crimes and interrogating suspects.

Explore the city for clues, unravel secrets, and solve cases as they become increasingly complex. Use your observation skills to uncover patterns behind bizarre incidents and stay ahead of elusive criminals. Earn stars by solving cases quickly, and feel the pressure of time ticking away.

With an immersive storyline, beautiful minimalistic art, and engaging gameplay, Crowded Mysteries is a crime-solving adventure for all, whether you’re a seasoned detective or a curious newcomer.

Get ready to put on your detective hat and solve some crimes!

Forest Fire – £5.40

Burn trees, buildings, vehicles, and tiny screaming humans. Dodge bullet-hell rain clouds and angry firefighters to stay alive.

Don’t think you’ll burn unopposed. Mother nature has sent in a bullet-hell array of rain clouds and other obstacles to put an end to your destruction fest. Your flame must weave through the storm to survive. Firefighting helicopters, planes, and little firemen will also be out to get you. The more you burn their buildings the more annoyed they get (and the more combo points you get!)

This is a Rogue-lite game so each run is different. However, we still maintain a sense of progression with persistent level up points. This means you get stronger, even if you die 5000 times.

Sephonie – £19.99

In this 3D puzzle-platformer, parkour through an island’s mysterious caverns! Dash and wallrun through lush caves, subterranean oceans, and surreal cityscapes.

Discover new abilities to navigate rocky levels, or use creatures like the long-tongued Ribbat to grapple through the air!

Three biologists are on a mission to research uninhabited Sephonie Island’s creatures. But as they approach the island, a sudden storm leaves them shipwrecked.

They will find their motivations and loyalties put to the test as they navigate the caverns, facing not only physical challenges but also manifestations of their deepest memories and dreams.

As they grow more intimate with each other and the island, an ancient force, brewing deep in the island’s abyss, may threaten their newfound relationship, and the world…

OMNIMUS – £8.99

Most states did not survive the third world war. The borders between them were erased, and a unified form of government was established on the planet – Corporatocracy, which put power over people in the hands of cold-blooded boards of directors of transnational companies.

The bloody war left a heavy mark on all of mankind, creating millions of useless cripples, one of which is the hero of this visual short story.

In the post-war reality, people like him have no future. Nevertheless, he’s given a unique chance – to start all over again in the experimental version of a virtual reality full immersion.

Involuntarily, he becomes a participant in an ambitious experiment, the OMNIMUS. In the beginning, everything is going well, but gradually the events begin to take on a completely unexpected turn.

Takoyaki Party Survival – £2.49

Everyone loves takoyaki parties, popularly known as “Takopa” in Japan. How many days can a person survive on takoyaki only? What were the ingredients in this takoyaki, and who cooked this takoyaki? Should the sauce be put on it, or should the ingredients have been added in the first place? Collapsing trust, doubt and suspicion. The friendship that grows beyond that.

That is Takoyaki Party Survival…

Whispike Survivors – £2.69

Fight against waves of creatures to beef up your Whispike and use its seeds to create even stronger hybrids!

Whispike Survivors blends two trendy game genres: horde survivor and farm simulator.

MetaDude – £1.79

Welcome to the new reality!

This visual novel dares to fantasize about this topic in an attempt to predict one of the likely developments in the near future.

We are approaching the threshold of a new era of technological development, but only God knows where the abundance of new technologies and ways of interacting with the real and virtual worlds will lead humanity.

Our hero Meta-Dude explores the rapidly growing digital world through the prism of irony over the modern consumer society. He’s armed with sarcasm, a deciphering blaster, and references to classic comics. And may the St. Admin help those who stand in his way…

Sweets Pusher Friends – £3.19

There are various in-game mini-games such as monster slaying, treasure chests, destroying runaway cars, etc. All players playing together can participate in the mini-games. Work together to win prizes.

Legends of the Eternal Flame – £4.09

Welcome to an exciting 2D platformer game where you must embark on a perilous journey to rekindle the Eternal Flame and save the world from the brink of chaos. As one of the Children of the Eternal Flame, it is your mission to collect flames and face six bizarre worlds filled with obstacles and puzzles that will test your skills to the limit.

THE KITTY in The Spaceship – £8.09

This game is an escape-the-room game (mystery-adventure game).

*Point the screen with a cursor to solve riddles, and story goes on.

Aery – Heaven & Hell – £8.99

Aery – Heaven & Hell is a story-driven 3D flight exploration game in which you control a flying god-like creature on its abstract journey though the passions and fears of the human race. On its adventure to learn more about the humans you will pass through many personal heavens and hells of certain individuals.

The game is a peaceful, philosophical and relaxing experience and offers an interesting meta story, the sensation of flying and enjoyable non-violent gameplay to relax after a day filled with stress and hassle.

Sailing Era – £19.99

Navigate your fleet and sail for fun; run a business; have a romantic encounter in the tavern; capture pirates amid intense battle; explore inland for treasure… Experience foreign culture, make novel discoveries, and sail away!

The story takes place during the era of great geographical discovery in the 15th to 17th century. The world is linked by nautical routes, leading to an upsurge in ocean exploration.

Every young navigator of this era dreams of their own ship to sail freely through the ocean. Some seek to change their destiny, others hope to make history.

Sailing Simulation, Face the Turbulent Waves!

Super Dinoblasters – £2.69

B3RN1 (Bernie) is a patrol bot with the Intergalactic Federation, tasked with keeping the galaxy safe from would-be villains.

After receiving a distress signal from Galactic Blast Ranger Pink, B3RN1 changes course to investigate planet Cretacia.

Upon landing B3RN1 realises the nefarious King Tyrantadon has taken over the dinosaur-filled world. With the 4 Galactic Blast Rangers still missing it’s up to B3RN1 to save the day!

D-Corp – £16.19


Get used to the dynamic gameplay of D-Corp. Every second of your time will be full of challenges to do until your quota is met. Experience the unique mix of tower defense and puzzle solving with up to 4 players and various challenging scenarios.

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Breakup! – £6.29

The boys are back and ready for some arcade-style action in Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Breakup! The original cast of Jules, Quincy, Haru, Morgan and Kyun are joined by 4 newcomers, all with unique backstories and voiced in Japanese. As you play through challenging brick-breaking stages of arcade action, you’ll get closer to the boys by spending points you’ve earned in a new in-game shop system to unlock feminine crossdressing outfits and background images to assemble custom dioramas.

The brick-breaking stages of Pretty Battle mode gradually increase in difficulty. Take control a twin-tailed fighter wielding a beam saber and swat the ball towards block targets above. Some blocks drop power-ups, while others take multiple strikes to break. As the action intensifies, enemy ships will appear and fire at you, propellers will deflect shots, turrets will track your position and more, adding a tough-but-fair bullet hell element. Once you’ve cleared all 36 main stages, you can also push your limits with endless challenges. How long can you last?

Ramp Car Racing – £3.59

Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline-fueled racing experience with Ramp Car Racing! Step into the driver’s seat and embark on a journey filled with heart-pounding challenges and daring maneuvers on mega ramps. This game is designed to push your limits and test your skills like never before.

Prepare yourself for mind-blowing stunts as you navigate through impossible tracks, defying gravity at every turn. Jump your car over zig-zagging pathways and conquer seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The game’s addictive and sensational gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat, craving for more.

Words Of Wisdom – £4.49

Poetic, philosophical and challenging platformer? It’s all about Words of Wisdow, an innovative blend of hardcore platforming with text riddles and puzzles. To master this game, players will have to use their wits and their fingers in equal measure to survive the deadly jester, disappearing platforms and hidden deadly spikes.

The 2D pixel adventure of our witty hero will require everything you have to survive various puzzles and challenges. This game grows with each completed room and quest – and there are many of them too! If you’re looking for nostalgia for old goodies, look no further. Words of Wisdom will help you experience both sides of any good puzzle: the physical side and the philosophical side. Are you ready to challenge our game?

Ring Racer – £4.49

Navigate your jet through narrow canyons at high speed, but don’t miss the rings and stay within your time limit!

‘Easy to learn, hard to master’ is the motto!

But you don’t fly alone… Your co-pilot ‘Squeezie’ is always by your side.

The breathtaking landscapes, beautiful graphics with smooth 60 FPS and the fantastic soundtrack hopefully don’t distract you too much from the action… After all, you still have to compete with the other players in the global online ranking!

So what are you waiting for? Take off and become the fly-racing champion with Ring Racer!

REMEDIUM: Sentinels – £3.99

REMEDIUM: Sentinels is a roguelite fast-paced auto-shooter that is set in the same world as REMEDIUM game. It has been more than a hundred years since the Grey Plague has won turning most humans into vicious mutant freaks, and only a handful of cities still stand amidst the death and chaos that consumed the land.

You control a Sentinel created by alchemists with only one goal – defend the cities against the endless hordes of mutants until your reactor dies. Combine items and alchemical elements to acquire more and more weapons and create unique builds!

Next week: Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons, Disney Illusion Island, YGGDRA UNION ~WE’LL NEVER FIGHT ALONE~, PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe, Sword & Fairy Inn 2, Radiant Tale, Luna & Monsters Tower Defense -The deprived magical kingdom, Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara, Zombie Hunter: D-Day, ALIEN WAR 2 DOGFIGHT, PSYCHIC 5: ETERNAL, Eden’s Last Sunrise, Heist Force, Mr. Run and Jump, Magic Exposure – Yuri Visual Novel, Skeljump, and Super Intern Story.