Digital Eclipse reveals The Making of Karateka – the first part of a new Gold Master Series

Ever since the release of the excellent Atari 50: Anniversary Celebration, retro specialists Digital Eclipse has been working on similar documentary-style packages.

This format not only showcases retro titles at the best, but puts them into context with timelines, document scans, and interviews.

The latest to be officially revealed is The Making of Karateka, detailing Jordan Mechner’s revolutionary 1984 Apple II computer game that led to Prince of Persia.

The interactive timeline will feature design documents, playable prototypes, video interviews, as well as playable versions of Karateka with a director’s commentary, a rewind tool, and a chapter select option.

Watch Mode – as seen in TMNT: The Cowabunga Collection – will also allow you to view a playthrough and jump in at any time.

Karateka isn’t the only game included – this first entry in Digital Eclipse’s new Gold Master Series will also include a remaster with updated graphics and music, along with twin-stick shooter Deathbounce: Rebounded, based on Mechner’s unpublished prototype.

The Making of Karateka is due for release later this year. The Steam page is now live, with additional screenshots. A deep dive is available on Xbox Wire too.