Slipstream slides onto PS5 and Xbox Series soon, while also gaining free content

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Outrun-inspired Slipstream, publisher BlitWorks has announced native PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the ansdor developed arcade racer. The Xbox Series version will be the first off the starting line, with the PS5 version following shortly after.

The publisher made a second announcement today too – Slipsteam is set to gain a free expansion on June 28th. Blue Hour will feature two game modes, three cars, and five tracks – each with new music. The new tracks take place in Marseille, Pompeii, Transylvania, Granada, and Edinburgh. The new music, meanwhile, is said to be inspired by that found in Ridge Racer 4 and WipEout.

 “The blue hour is a brief period of the day, after the sunset but before the night, when the sky takes on a deep blue tone. It’s long been appreciated by painters and photographers because of the beautiful and unique properties of light during this time. The fading light from the sun illuminates everything softly, and the deep blue sky creates a great contrast with the usually yellow-ish urban lamps. It’s a moment of natural beauty that happens every day. And as times of the day have always been a theme in Slipstream, in this expansion I joined forces with Effoharkay and took the opportunity to explore it a little more.” – Sandro de Paula, aka “ansdor”

ansdor also notes that their development skills have come a long way in the last five years. As such, Blue Hour will feature a fog system and dynamic lighting, pushing the game past the 16-bit threshold and into the 32-bit era.