Pacific Drive is a “road-lite” survival game

The car’s the star in Pacific Drive – a first-person driving survival game where your car is your lifeline as you try to outrun a storm and reach an extraction zone.

You’ll need to keep your tools close by as you make pitstops and search for replacement parts to keep your car roadworthy, making repairs and swap outs.

Customisation will also play a part, allowing your vehicle to be kitted out as you see fit. Despite the looming danger, precious time can even be spent making sure your car looks the part. May as well go out in style.

An abandoned garage acts as your home base. As you chart further afield, scavenging as you go, a mystery involving anomalies will start to unfold.

Th 15+ licensed music tracks should make driving slightly less nerve-racking.

Ironwood Studios began development in 2019. After Sony took a shine to it, it’s now heading to PS5 as a console exclusive with a PC version also en route. Kepler will be publishing.

We’ve seen a few games with similar ideas in the past – including Jalopy and the monster-filled Titan Chaser. This appears a lot more in-depth, standing a better chance of reaching its potential.  

The developer diary below shares insight into the game’s conception.