Blue skies forever – meet the Skies of Arcadia inspired Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire

If a publisher sits on a beloved franchise for long enough, you can almost guarantee that an indie developer will step forward with a homage. This time it’s the turn of SEGA’s Dreamcast/GameCube classic Skies of Arcadia, in the form of PQube and Octeo Studio’ Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire.

Playing as the head of a ragtag crew of sky pirates, Sky Oceans promises a heartfelt and adventure about purpose and friendship and is set in a shattered world inspired by Japanese animation. All of this will be accompanied by an orchestrated soundtrack too.

It also takes inspiration from the golden era of RPGs, as you recruit new members, gather resources to upgrade and expand your fleet, and engage in tactical turn-based dog-fights with a bold and stylish UI.

Exploration is encouraged, rewarding with secret treasures and the opportunity to forge new friendships. Each character you meet has their own diverse background and keeping them smiling will result in bonus efficiency in battle.

While there’s no release date just yet, we do know that it’s gunning for PC, PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and Switch.

Take a look at the trailer, with its luscious SEGA-style blue skies, below.

Matt Gander

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