Gimmick! Special Edition launches in July, Xbox version coming later

Since being announced last August, we haven’t heard much about Bitwave Games’ re-release of the cult NES platformer Gimmick!

That was until today, when the publisher confirmed a July 6th release date for PC, PS4, and Switch – with a physical release available at “leading retailers” later in the year. An Xbox release is also due “shortly after” the other versions.

Developed by Sunsoft in 1992, and receiving only a small print run, Gimmick! pushed the then aging NES hard and is often referred to as a hidden gem. It was originally released only in Japan and, we kid you not, Scandinavia.

City Connection are behind this re-release, adding a new speed run mode, an achievement system, online leaderboards, a gallery, and quality of life improvements such as a rewind tool and save states.  

A new trailer has been released to coincide with today’s release date news: