Shadowman: Darque Legacy steps out of the darkness in 2024

Well, here’s a long overdue follow-up. Blowfish Studios and DMG Entertainment have announced the multiformat Shadowman: Darque Legacy, based on Valiant’s flagship comic book series.

Jack Boniface is, of course, no stranger to the world of gaming. Acclaim found success with the license in 1999 on PC, PS1, Dreamcast, and N64. The 2002 PS2 sequel, Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, failed to achieve the same critical and commercial success – which is perhaps why we haven’t seen a new entry since. Nightdrive did however remaster the original in 2021, even adding new content.  

It seems that Shadowman: Darque Legacy is still some way off – today’s press release simply confirms its existence and a few other titbits. It’ll take the form of an action-horror game with brutal melee combat, and is due on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC in 2024. This presumably means it’ll be packing a visual punch; something the teaser trailer also loosely suggests.

The story is out of continuity and sees the realm of the living under siege by a terrifying threat, prompting Jack Boniface to walk the dark path between the Darkside and the living realm – all while battling inhuman entities with this scythe.

“We’re looking forward to ushering fans into the horrifying, punishing, but rewarding experience we’ve crafted. Stepping into the role of Shadowman, players will encounter a compelling cast of heroes and villains while taking their scythe to the most wretched denizens of the Deadside,” said Clinton McCleary from Blowfish Studios.

A tie-in comic will be available as part of Free Comic Book Day 2023, no doubt giving more insight into what we can expect.