New IREM collections announced, five volumes due

Tozai Games and ININ Games have partnered to release a new line of IREM retro collections for PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Switch. Five volumes are due in total, and many games never seen before in the West are promised.

The first of these (IREM Collection VOL.1) is due out “soon” and will feature shooters Image Fight, Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker, and X-Multiply.

Physical editions are planned via Strictly Limited Games, including a Collector’s Edition with numerous extras.

The first Image Fight was released in Japanese arcades in 1988 and entails aliens destroying mankind’s bases on the moon. Both the Famicom and PC Engine versions will be included.

Image Fight II: Operation Deepstriker dates back to 1992, originally released on the PC Engine CD-Rom. This marks the first time it has gained a Western release. Here, pilot Sho is out to save mankind from an alien invasion. Look out for various IREM references throughout, including a nod to R-Type.

Lastly, X-Multiply hit arcades in 1989 and went on to garner PSone/Saturn releases in 1998. Taking place in 2249 AD, it sees a battle take place in a human body following the discovery of aliens using parasites to control mankind. Gross.

Hopefully, Hammerin’ Harry will make a future collection. In The Hunt seems a reasonable shout, too, having recently graced the Evercade.

Matt Gander

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